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The age-old question

2_1 15421002_10157978363830360_9077027152281474415_n 17499135_10158551181160360_963677689825333156_n So… according to Our Community Now, at the start of crab season, there’s the age-old question – which seasoning do you prefer to spice up your crabs? J.O. Spice or Old Bay?

There’s a poll going around – There’s no right or wrong answer, it all depends on your taste buds! It’s the age-old question if you live in Maryland, especially along the water, according to the author. BUT, here at J.O., we’re SO appreciative and grateful for the word-of-mouth advertising! The fact that you know there are 2 different companies is awesome! The fact that you converse about which spice is “better,” or “tastier,” or “all I’ll ever use!” is awesome. The fact that you, the consumer, know J.O. by name, as much as you know Old Bay, is awesome!

Every day, we strive to spice up your crabs, shrimp, seafood in the bestest way possible – and if you recognize that by taking a poll, liking us on Facebook and telling us in the comments “to keep up the good work,” that is all the thanks we need!

Rivalries are what makes everyone better, keeps everyone on their toes -Pepsi or Coke, Coors or Bud, Lays or UTZ, J.O. or Old Bay – yeah, we can agree to disagree in such good company!

Thanks for spreading the good word of spice but more importantly, thanks for sharing the good times, laughter and fun that J.O. brings to your table. We love being a part of great memories.

Here’s the great article to read for yourself,

🙂 Pamela


J.O. has the best gifts!


The best gifts come wrapped especially for you, given with a smile, a thoughtful laugh and a kind heart. Those gifts are the cutting boards you design with the help of the J.O. Spice team AND we engrave picture frames, leather portfolios, flasks, checkbook covers, keychains, koozies that float and cups that are better than the popular brand! A custom, personalized gift warms the heart – we started getting more and more feedback from customers who specifically came into the store to make something for their special someone!

17015775_10158383630185360_4189216965254121078_o 17264617_10158438744870360_1452004866714940023_n 17191758_10158438744905360_7066063761625426583_o

Gifts can be something extraordinary when you take just a moment to think what that person loves – then you put it on a glass!  The graphic designers can do most anything from your imagination – there are, of course, some exceptions, but not too many! – and once they have your ideas, they put it to life on your gift of choice.

Custom Engraved Gifts Oct 2016

Check out J.O.’s Facebook, Pinterest or website for all kinds of ideas or stop into the retail store and have a chat with one of the friendly staff members who will help you create the best gift!

Check out the video from Traffic Jam Jimmy’s Facebook page as he gave the best gift to Governor Hogan!

Happy gifting the best gift ever,

🙂 Pamela


Blue Crab Gifts Ideas Galore!

Last year we ran a campaign “The secret is out!” because word-of-mouth advertising was really hitting its stride! Our retail store, opened in 2104, was getting busier by the day, the personal customization of cutting boards, glasses, labels, mallets and more was at an all time high and J.O. was celebrating over 70 years as a family business!

For 2017, expect more of the same! The 3rd and 4th generations are running the successful business and there are blue crab gift ideas galore!

15871961_10158103398320360_4442394924303221907_n 15697214_10158034165745360_3063964829155432393_n15589712_10158034165735360_2506713657084657280_n

Blue crab gift ideas available at your fingertips! Need a gift in a hurry? We can do it.

Think J.O. when you need a gift!

Happy shopping,

🙂 Pamela


The secret is out!


The secret is out! J.O. is known in the crab establishments as THE spice to use to steam crabs. Through loyal customers, word-of-mouth advertising and Facebook shares by said loyal customers – people are learning that the key to getting that same great restaurant taste is to use J.O. Spice!

The new shirt -in design phase – is getting as many comments as the Say No to Pot shirts (which just came into the retail store in awesome summer colors at $14.95 so come for a visit!). When we get the new shirts in, they will go fast but keep checking Facebook – Facebook is always the first to know! Like us – the secret is out in all aspects of J.O. Spice’s Facebook page and keeps one in the know and up-to-date!



Where did you first learn of J.O. Spice? Let us know in the comments section of Facebook! We love to hear how we’ve changed the life of another loyal customer! We also love to know how you’re using J.O. Spice to enliven, freshen and enjoy your recipes! Chicken salad, potato salad, eggs, French fries, popcorn, fried chicken, and tomatoes are just a few of the items that become even better with a little extra spice!

Enjoy knowing the secret!

Have fun spreading the secret out there,

🙂 Pamela

Hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes!

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)IMG_5595

Hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes! Do you like to hunt, fish or crab? Would you like a glass or cutting board to highlight your passion? It would make the perfect gift for your special someone who enjoys all things outdoors. We have the images you see – Turkey, Geese, Deer and Mallard – available to engrave on Pint Glasses, Stemless Wine, Rocks Glasses, Cutting Boards, Cheese Boards, Bar Boards…we can even put it on a picture frame!

Need a bridal party gift? Best groomsmen gift? It can be personalized as well. The one who loves the outdoors, the one who enjoys and sings the mantra: hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes! will enjoy the best gift ever- all courtesy of you!

Need it fast? 24 hours notice is Awesome but depending on the busy-ness of the store and the orders in house, we can get it done within the hour!

We customize to your gift recipient! We offer advice, tips and observations but it’s your gift to give and we don’t engrave until we know you love it!

Hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes! It can be done – by J.O. Spice!

So what can we engrave for you today?

🙂 Pamela

Maryland Crabs

11219227_10156048253375360_5890888867594777207_ncrabs covered JO11008456_10155526905695360_68581288597049628_n

Maryland Crabs are something special and when we get to talking with people who have had crabs elsewhere, especially towards Florida, they say there is nothing better than a steamed Maryland blue crab. We are inclined to agree since boiling a crab seems weird! Take it from someone who doesn’t originate from Maryland  -boiled lobster is the way to go if you want to boil something and you’re sitting in Maine….steaming crabs is the best way to eat a crab if you want to experience crabs at their best (and it goes without saying that J.O. #2 is the best spice to steam your crabs in – I say that NOT because I work here, I say it because it’s the truth!! I’m just trying to save you bad meals and wasted calories!).

We were told by a transplanted Marylander who is now a local Floridian that the best place to get an authentic steamed Maryland crab is the Riggins Crabhouse in Lantana, Florida ~why, yes, they do use J.O. Spice, thanks for asking.


He said Riggins Crabhouse had the best seafood and since they miss their Maryland crabs so much that when they need their crab fix, they go to Riggins. He said Riggins’ steams them right which is why they patronize their seafood establishment. I’ve looked at the menu and have made a reminder to myself that the next time I’m in the Palm Beach area, I’m going to Riggins Crabhouse! 2016 Vacation, here I come!

Maryland crabs are awesome, and many people on vacation learn that when they frequent Ocean City, Chincoteague, Bethany, Rehoboth or other restaurants along the East Coast! Quite a few of the restaurants use J.O. Spice when they steam their crabs and there are others who have their own special blend which J.O. manufacturers for them – all in all, when you are steaming Maryland crabs using either J.O. #2, J.O. Garlic Crab, J.O. Black Crab, you are steaming right. (*Basing that statement on reviews, feedback and personal preference!)

Where do you get the best crabs?

If you steam, or prepare your own Maryland crabs, how do you do it?

We love to hear how people enjoy Maryland crabs and what spice concoction they try – just because we’ve been spicing up crabs for over 70 years doesn’t mean that’s the only way to do it. Some people sprinkle both the J.O. #2, and the J.O. Garlic Crab or the J.O. Black Crab, some like more mustard, others use Bay Leaves, Celery Seed and Vinegar! One customer uses the J.O. Black Crab as he steams his lobster – and says he will never go back to a boiled lobster ever again! Some people say their “secret ingredient” is J.O. #1, beer and Sea Salt because they like the spicier option.

Share your ideas with us! We love J.O. fans and appreciate your patronage!

Enjoy your Maryland crabs spiced and steamed how you like,

🙂 Pamela


J.O.’s Sterling crab jewelry!

JO Chesapeake Sterling Collection

There’s nothing better than J.O. Spice on your crabs – now there’s nothing better than the new sterling crab jewelry line by J.O. ~ J.O.’s Chesapeake Sterling Collection! This is a new sterling silver crab jewelry line created exclusively for J.O. Spice by Peter Stone, inspired by Ginger. It was Ginger’s desire to have a real Maryland crab jewelry line. Her inspirations came from being on the water, crabbing, working with Watermen and appreciating all that Watermen do! She could never find a piece of jewelry that captured the real, true blue crab. When she found a jewelry designer who did such beautiful work, they got to talking, she told them of her ideas and voila, a partnership was formed!

J.O.’s Chesapeake Sterling Collection is Sterling Silver with the option to custom order any piece in gold and platinum. Ginger made sure the crab jewelry looked like a real, true blue crab and as a tribute to the Watermen, she made sure the crabs were anatomically correct! There is such exquisite detail on both sides of the pieces that they are just as much conversation pieces as accompaniments to any outfit!

There is a piece for every budget and with Christmas right around the corner, they are great items for your Wish List! J.O.’s Chesapeake Sterling Collection is sure to delight whether you are a crabber, a daughter/granddaughter of a Watermen or part of the generation that loves crabs. (And, as we all know, that is every generation!)

All pieces of J.O.’s Chesapeake Sterling Collection are on display at the retail store. They are available to order online at www.jospices.com as well. They make great additions to a bridal party or a wedding gift, especially if you are having/attending a Maryland-themed wedding!

When you’re thinking gifts, think J.O. Spice!

Happy Shopping,

🙂 Pamela



Crab for thought

11954546_10156048476595360_4888625941003118543_n     11888036_10156048439480360_3305992153019216471_n11219227_10156048253375360_5890888867594777207_n


A little crab for thought…do you know how to tell the difference between a Jimmy (male) crab and a Sook (female) crab? Some will say that they look at the claws and others, the apron. I didn’t grow up on the water nor have I been educated on what either of those terms could possibly mean so here’s a little crab for thought knowledge that I learned from listening, reading and asking!

Sooks (females) have painted red/orange claws while the Jimmy crabs (males) have blue claws. There’s also a very distinct difference in the apron or bottom side- “belly” -of the crab. Turn a male crab over to expose the whiter part and you’ll notice a shape that resembles the Washington Monument.11892250_10156048253035360_741213379064400957_n

In contrast, when you are looking at a female, they have a dome, like the Capital, shaped belly.11896242_10156048252930360_6157231814541284101_n


Personally, I’d just look at the claws and not touch the crab but there are times when there are no claws, and looking at the apron is the truest way to determine between male and female.

If you are lucky enough to be out on the water, and then luckier still to be crabbing, and you happen upon a crab with a sponge, she’s a female with eggs – throw her back! Keep the population growing! Support watermen and the crab population by not eating, steaming or keeping her in any way!  11902286_10156048275755360_5286766811872836975_n Throw her back! Throw her back! Throw her back! This J.O. public service announcement has been paid for by the many individuals and crab establishments that enjoy eating, steaming and enjoying crabs with J.O. Spice!

Well, here’s hoping you feel a little more knowledgeable about crabs? Let us know!

One thing is absolute crab for thought: crabs are wonderful with J.O. Spice!

Happy steaming, eating and enjoying a Waterman’s hard labor,

🙂 Pamela



What’s on those crabs?

11008456_10155526905695360_68581288597049628_n11407112_10155771139140360_5790059042375321700_ncrabs covered JO

What’s on those crabs you’re eating and enjoying? It’s radically assumed to be a great brand named spice but alas, if you are eating at one of the fine Maryland crab restaurants, you might be surprised to learn you are licking J.O. Spice from your fingers! What’s the difference you say? Well, besides the taste, the look and the feel of the spice with just the right amount of salt…There’s also the fact that J.O. is a small, family business. When you are eating crabs, buying them at a restaurant or steaming with J.O., you are supporting local, small business – you are keeping jobs in America and you are encouraging everyone to buy American because once you taste the great taste of J.O. you won’t steam crabs with anything else!

What’s on those crabs? If you are noticing that your salt is nicely adhered to your crabs, it’s most likely J.O. Spice that has been sprinkled to delight your taste buds. Some people can taste a distinct clove taste – that’s not J.O.! We aren’t on the famous fries in Ocean City and correct people when they say that must be J.O.! We are however, used in quite a few famous restaurants in and around Baltimore, Ocean City, New Jersey, PA and Delaware….Captain James, Phillips, Crab Bag, Nick’s, Shag’s, Cravin’ Crabs and more! Some have their own blend so if you like one more than the other, you might like their own custom blend…which is awesome because that is what makes eating crabs so much fun! Conrad’s and Costa’s are both delicious in their own way and yet they are completely different! See how there is room for variety in this big wide world?

When you ask what’s on those crabs? be prepared to get the standard brand answer but dig deeper and keep asking because J.O. has been spicing up crabs for over 70 years…we’ve got to be doing something right (because trust us, you’d tell us if we weren’t and since we are small, we’d listen)!

Happy spicy crab feasts,

🙂 Pamela


Small family business!


J.O. Spice is a small family business that was started 70 years ago and because of “HARD WORK, DEDICATION, NEVER QUITTING, BLOOD, SWEAT, and LOTS of TEARS” as Ginger put it on Facebook, the company is standing small, standing proud and standing strong. We thank all of our customers, our fans and our biggest word-of-mouth supporters! Thank you for buying and wearing our T-shirts to spread the word! Thank you for voicing facts and opinions when asked, “What spice is on your crabs?” Thank you for supporting small, local Maryland business.

J.O. Spice has been in business for 70 years because they are willing to put in the work, they stand by the principles set forth by J.ames O.zzle himself: Give the customer what they want when they want it…and it’s been a motto this small family business lives and breathes. The third and fourth generations are running the business and putting in the time, effort and hard work that a small business needs to survive in this fluctuating environment. Crabs aren’t guaranteed but hard work is always rewarded to those who keep putting their best efforts forward – so the retail store was born, T-shirts were created, glassware, cutting boards, picture frames and more than mallets were engraved! Have you stopped in to see the new offerings?

This small family business has been doing business with M&T Bank forever and they made a video of J.O. Spice Company. Please take a look!

Thanks again loyal customers!!

🙂 Pamela