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Maryland Crabs

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Maryland Crabs are something special and when we get to talking with people who have had crabs elsewhere, especially towards Florida, they say there is nothing better than a steamed Maryland blue crab. We are inclined to agree since boiling a crab seems weird! Take it from someone who doesn’t originate from Maryland  -boiled lobster is the way to go if you want to boil something and you’re sitting in Maine….steaming crabs is the best way to eat a crab if you want to experience crabs at their best (and it goes without saying that J.O. #2 is the best spice to steam your crabs in – I say that NOT because I work here, I say it because it’s the truth!! I’m just trying to save you bad meals and wasted calories!).

We were told by a transplanted Marylander who is now a local Floridian that the best place to get an authentic steamed Maryland crab is the Riggins Crabhouse in Lantana, Florida ~why, yes, they do use J.O. Spice, thanks for asking.


He said Riggins Crabhouse had the best seafood and since they miss their Maryland crabs so much that when they need their crab fix, they go to Riggins. He said Riggins’ steams them right which is why they patronize their seafood establishment. I’ve looked at the menu and have made a reminder to myself that the next time I’m in the Palm Beach area, I’m going to Riggins Crabhouse! 2016 Vacation, here I come!

Maryland crabs are awesome, and many people on vacation learn that when they frequent Ocean City, Chincoteague, Bethany, Rehoboth or other restaurants along the East Coast! Quite a few of the restaurants use J.O. Spice when they steam their crabs and there are others who have their own special blend which J.O. manufacturers for them – all in all, when you are steaming Maryland crabs using either J.O. #2, J.O. Garlic Crab, J.O. Black Crab, you are steaming right. (*Basing that statement on reviews, feedback and personal preference!)

Where do you get the best crabs?

If you steam, or prepare your own Maryland crabs, how do you do it?

We love to hear how people enjoy Maryland crabs and what spice concoction they try – just because we’ve been spicing up crabs for over 70 years doesn’t mean that’s the only way to do it. Some people sprinkle both the J.O. #2, and the J.O. Garlic Crab or the J.O. Black Crab, some like more mustard, others use Bay Leaves, Celery Seed and Vinegar! One customer uses the J.O. Black Crab as he steams his lobster – and says he will never go back to a boiled lobster ever again! Some people say their “secret ingredient” is J.O. #1, beer and Sea Salt because they like the spicier option.

Share your ideas with us! We love J.O. fans and appreciate your patronage!

Enjoy your Maryland crabs spiced and steamed how you like,

🙂 Pamela