We Are More Than a Spice Company…

What’s on those crabs?

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What’s on those crabs you’re eating and enjoying? It’s radically assumed to be a great brand named spice but alas, if you are eating at one of the fine Maryland crab restaurants, you might be surprised to learn you are licking J.O. Spice from your fingers! What’s the difference you say? Well, besides the taste, the look and the feel of the spice with just the right amount of salt…There’s also the fact that J.O. is a small, family business. When you are eating crabs, buying them at a restaurant or steaming with J.O., you are supporting local, small business – you are keeping jobs in America and you are encouraging everyone to buy American because once you taste the great taste of J.O. you won’t steam crabs with anything else!

What’s on those crabs? If you are noticing that your salt is nicely adhered to your crabs, it’s most likely J.O. Spice that has been sprinkled to delight your taste buds. Some people can taste a distinct clove taste – that’s not J.O.! We aren’t on the famous fries in Ocean City and correct people when they say that must be J.O.! We are however, used in quite a few famous restaurants in and around Baltimore, Ocean City, New Jersey, PA and Delaware….Captain James, Phillips, Crab Bag, Nick’s, Shag’s, Cravin’ Crabs and more! Some have their own blend so if you like one more than the other, you might like their own custom blend…which is awesome because that is what makes eating crabs so much fun! Conrad’s and Costa’s are both delicious in their own way and yet they are completely different! See how there is room for variety in this big wide world?

When you ask what’s on those crabs? be prepared to get the standard brand answer but dig deeper and keep asking because J.O. has been spicing up crabs for over 70 years…we’ve got to be doing something right (because trust us, you’d tell us if we weren’t and since we are small, we’d listen)!

Happy spicy crab feasts,

🙂 Pamela