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Crab for thought

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A little crab for thought…do you know how to tell the difference between a Jimmy (male) crab and a Sook (female) crab? Some will say that they look at the claws and others, the apron. I didn’t grow up on the water nor have I been educated on what either of those terms could possibly mean so here’s a little crab for thought knowledge that I learned from listening, reading and asking!

Sooks (females) have painted red/orange claws while the Jimmy crabs (males) have blue claws. There’s also a very distinct difference in the apron or bottom side- “belly” -of the crab. Turn a male crab over to expose the whiter part and you’ll notice a shape that resembles the Washington Monument.11892250_10156048253035360_741213379064400957_n

In contrast, when you are looking at a female, they have a dome, like the Capital, shaped belly.11896242_10156048252930360_6157231814541284101_n


Personally, I’d just look at the claws and not touch the crab but there are times when there are no claws, and looking at the apron is the truest way to determine between male and female.

If you are lucky enough to be out on the water, and then luckier still to be crabbing, and you happen upon a crab with a sponge, she’s a female with eggs – throw her back! Keep the population growing! Support watermen and the crab population by not eating, steaming or keeping her in any way!  11902286_10156048275755360_5286766811872836975_n Throw her back! Throw her back! Throw her back! This J.O. public service announcement has been paid for by the many individuals and crab establishments that enjoy eating, steaming and enjoying crabs with J.O. Spice!

Well, here’s hoping you feel a little more knowledgeable about crabs? Let us know!

One thing is absolute crab for thought: crabs are wonderful with J.O. Spice!

Happy steaming, eating and enjoying a Waterman’s hard labor,

🙂 Pamela