We Are More Than a Spice Company…

Wedding customization!

Congratulations to all those brides-to-be and those planning a wedding! Did you know J.O. is your 1-stop shop for wedding customization? We can put your names, date and wedding theme on a mallet, spice packet, cutting board, picture frame or glass. Would you like your champagne glasses to be customized? We do that as well! Also, we have a great gift line that just represents Bride, Groom and the bridal party, too. We can customize for your wedding, your friend’s, or for that perfect gift! It’s all right here in the store and online!

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Do you love crabs, Maryland or all things sea life and that is your wedding theme? Great! So do we and we spread that love to our line of cutting boards, picture frames, glassware and more. We can do it all in our manufacturing plant as we have creative graphic designers that can take your idea and expand on it, then we can go straight to the machines and make the ideas come to life! We don’t need to send anything out to get made- we process it all ourselves which cuts down on costs! We’ve been known to help out a bride-to-be in her last minute crisis and get her a 200-count mallet and spice packet in less than 24 hours (that’s including the design process and shipping to a local Maryland address)!

Your wedding customization process is simple:

  1. Have an idea or most often, no idea, you just want a favor for your wedding!!
  2. Email or call us with names, date, possible theme/idea
  3. Have an email where we can send a proof
  4. Love the proof!
  5. Provide payment
  6. Get your items shipped or pick up in our retail store in Baltimore, MD!
  7. Pretty simple, straightforward and easy!

Browse the shop or online and see what we can do to make your wedding spectacular!

Make J.O. your 1-stop shop for wedding customization,

🙂 Pamela



(How to Tie a Scarf Image Courtesy of Pinterest and the other two images are on the J.O. Spice online store under the Scarves! tab)

Scarves! It’s October and that means layers!

Scarves! are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit and we have -no pun intended- layers of scarves to choose from! If you like anchors, deep colors, and nautical themes, then go to our online store and check out all the available SCARVES! There are also a multitude of Maryland flag scarves to choose from – we’ve got them for all seasons!


The best thing to do is to come visit our retail store and try them on for yourself! We’re going to be open Saturday, October 29th from 9am-2pm if you want to check out the store and the tent sale! We have SCARVES! in so many styles, choices and fabrics, you’ll be stocking up! You’ll probably buy one for you, one for a friend and as the holidays are right around the corner, you might end up doing ALL your Christmas shopping at J.O. Spice: your One Stop Shop for all kinds of gifts!

J.O. can customize, personalize, and put the truly thoughtful in your unique gift. Have no ideas? Great, we’ve got enough and we’ll help you pick out a great personal gift that will be the BEST gift your friend, family, acquaintance has ever received (trust us, we’re not tooting our own horn, we’re just repeating what we’re frequently told!)!

Try our gifts and gift-abilities for yourself, your friend, your mom, your hard-to-buy-for-individual and then you be the judge!

🙂 Happy Shopping!

J.O. Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

It’s pumpkin carving time! What to do with all the seeds, right? Roast them! J.O. Spiced Pumpkin Seeds are the best! There is just the right salt and crunch to satisfy!

J.O. Spiced Pumpkin Seeds – what better snack for Sunday’s Game day?

14705747_1355962984415142_8040613024450644196_n (Thanks for submitting photo on Facebook Mike!)

J.O. Spiced Pumpkin Seeds are so easy – Wash or clean off the seeds, strings, pulp (remnants are fine but the object is the seeds, not chunks of pumpkin! Use that in stew!) Preheat oven to 350. In a microwave-safe bowl, microwave 1T butter. (Variation: Use oil. Or flavored oil – garlic infused? What sounds awesome to you?) Toss the pumpkin seeds in a bowl with the melted butter or oil and 1 tsp. of J.O. #2 Seasoning. (If you like more, add more, it’s your snack! Unsure? Start with 1 tsp J.O. #2 Seasoning and if you want to experiment, add a sprinkle of J.O. Cinnamon or J.O. nutmeg along with your J.O.)

Using parchment paper or non-stick foil, spread pumpkin seeds in a single layer on baking sheet. Bake for about 45 minutes, stirring occasionally, until golden brown.

J.O. Spiced Pumpkin Seeds are great for snacking or topping on baked goods – tried on brownies? I might be doing that this year! Let me know if you do!

Happy Snacking,

🙂 Pamela

#SmallBiz #Proud!

We are #SmallBiz #Proud! Look what we just saw in the October 2016 Coastal Living Magazine!


This small family business has come a long way and we thank each and every one of our loyal customers! We are #SmallBiz #Proud!

Thanks to you!


J.O.’s Fried Chicken

rotisseriechickenspice sssff 12734076_10156651400480360_8503050452293505174_n

J.O.’s Fried Chicken is a simple, delicious recipe! All you need to do is marinate/season, dip, fry and enjoy! I used to think fried chicken was only something to buy in a restaurant because frying foods scared me! Nowadays though, it’s hard to find good, delicious fried chicken on the menu -maybe because it takes about 45 minutes? Besides, comfort food is best served at home!

You need about a pound or two of chicken (what’s your favorite? The beauty of a grocery store or meat market is that you can buy the pieces you love: leg, thighs, breast or wings!) and start with either a dry rub, just basic salt and pepper or a J.O. Specialty Seasoning – I would suggest the J.O. Rotisserie. Do that step the night before, in the morning or at least 20 minutes beforehand so the flavors have time to soak into the chicken, obviously the longer you let the meat soak in the flavor, the more delicious your dinner will be!

J.O.’s Fried Chicken is best breaded with the J.O. Seasoned Southern Style Fish Fry (it’s not just for fish!) or the “absolute best” batter in the world: J.O. Golden Batter. I’m quoting customers who walk into the store and exclaim that it’s the best and so happy it’s available in a 5LB box!

Some people use milk, or buttermilk for the “wash” part of the batter steps but that will produce a soggier batter due to the milk solids browning too fast.

Some will use an egg wash and mix in some J.O. Garlic Pepper, Eagle Wingz hot sauce made with J.O. #1 (yes, of course, we sell the best hot sauce around!) or just use the egg!

Heat up your oil in a deep pot, to about 350 degrees. Don’t fill to the brim with oil, only about half, depending on how much chicken you are frying. Very Important Tip: Make sure your chicken is at room temp before frying. Once the oil gets to the right temp, if you put cold chicken in, it will drastically lower the frying temp, and your results will not be great J.O. Fried Chicken!

  • Dark meat (thigh and leg) takes about 13-15 minutes, and white meat (breast and wing) takes about 8-10 minutes

To recap:

  1. Marinate/Season overnight or at least 20 minutes prior in seasoning or salt/pepper/hot sauce
  2. Prepare egg wash and batter
  3. Dip your chicken in batter
  4. Place room-temp chicken in preheated oil and fry until chicken is 165 degrees

Comfort food at its finest!!


🙂 Pamela

Summer means BBQ

Summer means BBQ and a great sauce is what makes the chicken, ribs, and pork a delectable hit! Knowing when to put on the sauce is also key to a great BBQ meal ~ the sugar content in most sauces will just burn on the grill instead of caramelize if you put it on the high heat or hot coals. Instead, start off with a spice rub. It can be as simple as salt and pepper. Better yet, try one of J.O.’s specialty seasonings as all of them can be used as a rub —

Specialty Seasonings   – my personal favorite is the Caribbean Jerk as I love the flavor, Kathleen prefers the Rib ‘n Chicken while Jenn loves the Rotisserie. The spices are blended just like any rub – so don’t be swayed by the fact that they aren’t named “Rubs”. They are perfect for spicing up your chicken salad to rubbing on your meat as you get ready to BBQ, roast or bake in the oven.

Once the meat is cooked to your liking, either on the grill, in slow-cooker or oven, than put on your sauce and cook an additional 25 minutes or until sauce has mixed nicely with the meat. When I say it’s cooked to your liking, cooked until the minimum to be done but if you’re like me and your ribs should fall off the bone or your meat should be so tender it melts in your mouth -you cook the meat until it reaches an internal temp of 170 and then you let it cook at a lower temperature so that the meat gets tender and the sauce gets really hot, thick, and delicious. The best part of a summer BBQ is that you can do it more than once and learn your tricks because who wants to cook inside?

Tell us your favorite spice, seasoning or rub!

Happy BBQ spicing,

🙂 Pamela

Spread the secret around!

Now that the secret is out, spread the secret around! Tell your friends, your family, your neighbor, the dude down the street steaming crabs and the people in the boat next to ya! The secret is out and people are loving that they are in the know!


The new generation is going to know the secret! We have brought in some great kids shirts and kids items to get them interested in all aspects of crabbing – catching, eating, steaming with J.O., and other great items! Have you stopped into the retail store lately? There are hats, shirts, bags, and more!

We have so many things to spread the secret around and we love word of mouth advertising! It’s the best! It also helps with conservation as the more people ask questions about what is on your crabs, you want to know even more about where they are caught, how the Bay is doing and what is happening on the water.

Come see what all the conversation is about – and join in!

Spread the secret around,

🙂 Pamela



The secret is out!


The secret is out! J.O. is known in the crab establishments as THE spice to use to steam crabs. Through loyal customers, word-of-mouth advertising and Facebook shares by said loyal customers – people are learning that the key to getting that same great restaurant taste is to use J.O. Spice!

The new shirt -in design phase – is getting as many comments as the Say No to Pot shirts (which just came into the retail store in awesome summer colors at $14.95 so come for a visit!). When we get the new shirts in, they will go fast but keep checking Facebook – Facebook is always the first to know! Like us – the secret is out in all aspects of J.O. Spice’s Facebook page and keeps one in the know and up-to-date!



Where did you first learn of J.O. Spice? Let us know in the comments section of Facebook! We love to hear how we’ve changed the life of another loyal customer! We also love to know how you’re using J.O. Spice to enliven, freshen and enjoy your recipes! Chicken salad, potato salad, eggs, French fries, popcorn, fried chicken, and tomatoes are just a few of the items that become even better with a little extra spice!

Enjoy knowing the secret!

Have fun spreading the secret out there,

🙂 Pamela

Mallets are the Universal Tool

Mallets are the Universal Tool for crackin’ crab claws and for making the crab feastin’ experience such fun! Mallets are fun and easy to to use. Mallets are even more enjoyable engraved! Great conversation starter! Do you yell something creative when you crab feast? You can have your favorite expression engraved on your mallet. You can have a special birthday. The possibilities are practically endless* (Email sales@jospices.com for more information)!

Mallets really are the Universal Tool – haven’t you ever just needed to tap open a container or re-nail something loose? They work for those exceptional instances when you’re in a pinch. Mallets are way more fun and functional when you are pounding away at a crab feast though! The best trick I’ve seen for those stubborn claws? Use a mallet and a knife – you gently tap the knife into the claw with the mallet to make an opening and voila, you’ve got the meat!

11995960_10156112700665360_5450061562993823373_n 12032148_10156167078510360_6821048225175474568_n 13267911_10157049746430360_4504603021230817151_n

Have you thought about adding the Universal Tool to your upcoming crab feast? Engrave with Crab Feast 2016 for a special price or Summer 2016! The retail store has many pre-printed mallets that you can purchase right on the spot. If you don’t see one you have to have on the website, you are more than welcome to offer a suggestion of what you’d like to see as a pre-printed design. We love to hear what would make you smile as you are using a mallet, the Universal Tool!

*While we would love to support the favorite Baltimore teams and spread the love through mallets, we don’t do anything trademarked!

Have a pounding blast at your crab feast,

🙂 Pamela