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J.O.’s Fried Chicken

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J.O.’s Fried Chicken is a simple, delicious recipe! All you need to do is marinate/season, dip, fry and enjoy! I used to think fried chicken was only something to buy in a restaurant because frying foods scared me! Nowadays though, it’s hard to find good, delicious fried chicken on the menu -maybe because it takes about 45 minutes? Besides, comfort food is best served at home!

You need about a pound or two of chicken (what’s your favorite? The beauty of a grocery store or meat market is that you can buy the pieces you love: leg, thighs, breast or wings!) and start with either a dry rub, just basic salt and pepper or a J.O. Specialty Seasoning – I would suggest the J.O. Rotisserie. Do that step the night before, in the morning or at least 20 minutes beforehand so the flavors have time to soak into the chicken, obviously the longer you let the meat soak in the flavor, the more delicious your dinner will be!

J.O.’s Fried Chicken is best breaded with the J.O. Seasoned Southern Style Fish Fry (it’s not just for fish!) or the “absolute best” batter in the world: J.O. Golden Batter. I’m quoting customers who walk into the store and exclaim that it’s the best and so happy it’s available in a 5LB box!

Some people use milk, or buttermilk for the “wash” part of the batter steps but that will produce a soggier batter due to the milk solids browning too fast.

Some will use an egg wash and mix in some J.O. Garlic Pepper, Eagle Wingz hot sauce made with J.O. #1 (yes, of course, we sell the best hot sauce around!) or just use the egg!

Heat up your oil in a deep pot, to about 350 degrees. Don’t fill to the brim with oil, only about half, depending on how much chicken you are frying. Very Important Tip: Make sure your chicken is at room temp before frying. Once the oil gets to the right temp, if you put cold chicken in, it will drastically lower the frying temp, and your results will not be great J.O. Fried Chicken!

  • Dark meat (thigh and leg) takes about 13-15 minutes, and white meat (breast and wing) takes about 8-10 minutes

To recap:

  1. Marinate/Season overnight or at least 20 minutes prior in seasoning or salt/pepper/hot sauce
  2. Prepare egg wash and batter
  3. Dip your chicken in batter
  4. Place room-temp chicken in preheated oil and fry until chicken is 165 degrees

Comfort food at its finest!!


🙂 Pamela