We Are More Than a Spice Company…

Blue Crab Gifts Ideas Galore!

Last year we ran a campaign “The secret is out!” because word-of-mouth advertising was really hitting its stride! Our retail store, opened in 2104, was getting busier by the day, the personal customization of cutting boards, glasses, labels, mallets and more was at an all time high and J.O. was celebrating over 70 years as a family business!

For 2017, expect more of the same! The 3rd and 4th generations are running the successful business and there are blue crab gift ideas galore!

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Blue crab gift ideas available at your fingertips! Need a gift in a hurry? We can do it.

Think J.O. when you need a gift!

Happy shopping,

🙂 Pamela


Hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes!

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)IMG_5595

Hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes! Do you like to hunt, fish or crab? Would you like a glass or cutting board to highlight your passion? It would make the perfect gift for your special someone who enjoys all things outdoors. We have the images you see – Turkey, Geese, Deer and Mallard – available to engrave on Pint Glasses, Stemless Wine, Rocks Glasses, Cutting Boards, Cheese Boards, Bar Boards…we can even put it on a picture frame!

Need a bridal party gift? Best groomsmen gift? It can be personalized as well. The one who loves the outdoors, the one who enjoys and sings the mantra: hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes! will enjoy the best gift ever- all courtesy of you!

Need it fast? 24 hours notice is Awesome but depending on the busy-ness of the store and the orders in house, we can get it done within the hour!

We customize to your gift recipient! We offer advice, tips and observations but it’s your gift to give and we don’t engrave until we know you love it!

Hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes! It can be done – by J.O. Spice!

So what can we engrave for you today?

🙂 Pamela

J.O.’s Sterling crab jewelry!

JO Chesapeake Sterling Collection

There’s nothing better than J.O. Spice on your crabs – now there’s nothing better than the new sterling crab jewelry line by J.O. ~ J.O.’s Chesapeake Sterling Collection! This is a new sterling silver crab jewelry line created exclusively for J.O. Spice by Peter Stone, inspired by Ginger. It was Ginger’s desire to have a real Maryland crab jewelry line. Her inspirations came from being on the water, crabbing, working with Watermen and appreciating all that Watermen do! She could never find a piece of jewelry that captured the real, true blue crab. When she found a jewelry designer who did such beautiful work, they got to talking, she told them of her ideas and voila, a partnership was formed!

J.O.’s Chesapeake Sterling Collection is Sterling Silver with the option to custom order any piece in gold and platinum. Ginger made sure the crab jewelry looked like a real, true blue crab and as a tribute to the Watermen, she made sure the crabs were anatomically correct! There is such exquisite detail on both sides of the pieces that they are just as much conversation pieces as accompaniments to any outfit!

There is a piece for every budget and with Christmas right around the corner, they are great items for your Wish List! J.O.’s Chesapeake Sterling Collection is sure to delight whether you are a crabber, a daughter/granddaughter of a Watermen or part of the generation that loves crabs. (And, as we all know, that is every generation!)

All pieces of J.O.’s Chesapeake Sterling Collection are on display at the retail store. They are available to order online at www.jospices.com as well. They make great additions to a bridal party or a wedding gift, especially if you are having/attending a Maryland-themed wedding!

When you’re thinking gifts, think J.O. Spice!

Happy Shopping,

🙂 Pamela



Gifts are personal, custom & spicy!

Mr & Mrs Skeen Champgne Flutes 2Bamboo Picture FramesMD Flag Large Wine GlassCrab Salt and pepper shaker


We have gifts that are personal, custom & spicy! Unsure of what to get someone who has been so kind, thoughtful and fun? Engrave a special cutting board and say “Thanks!” in your own special way. Can’t find the perfect gift and have been walking the mall for hours? Make it! We custom engrave on glasses, cutting boards and picture frames. Need a wedding gift because you waited until the last minute and the gift registry has absolutely nothing that you’d like to spend money on and you need it by tomorrow? We can handle that. If you have a few minutes to wait, we have the ability to wrap it, too!

Gifts that are personal, custom & spicy are remembered. They are conversation pieces as well as decor for your home that makes you smile every time you see or use it. Our engraved cutting boards are both fun and functional. So are the glasses! How fun is it to drink out of your very own customized, personalized pint or beer glass during all the sports seasons? At least you will know which cup is yours!

Personal, custom & spicy is what J.O. is known for because we have great customer service (read our Facebook page!) and our gifts make everyone smile (check out the photos on the Facebook page from customer’s posts!).

What can we engrave for you?

When you’re thinking gifts, think of J.O. Spice!

🙂 Pamela

More than SPICE!

collageanchor framecrab spoonflip flop boards

J.O. is definitely More than SPICE! Have you checked out the new products page on the website?  It’s filled with all kinds of custom gifts, personalized wedding favor ideas and new apparel like purses, scarves, Maryland flip flops and hats! J.O. is doing more than just spicing up your breakfast, lunch and dinner. We can engrave and customize a great gift!  There are gift ideas for every holiday, every occasion and if you don’t see it, we can make it -sometimes right there on the spot! We do all of the engraving in house!

In addition to all kinds of gifts, there’s many ways to be spicy at the beach – flip flops, hats, scarves, beach bags, insulated cups and of course, koozies and key chains!  J.O. is making sure to be More than SPICE, but keeping with the crabby, beachy and all things relaxing theme so that when you think crabs, you think J.O.!  So, just remember, when you are dreaming of the beach, dreaming of crabs, dreaming of relaxing in the sun, all you need to do is think J.O. and be happy!

It’s nice to be More than SPICE ~ especially when you need a gift for that special someone, for that impossible-to-buy for someone, for that “I didn’t forget your birthday/our anniversary/your milestone event!” occasion, we have just what you need. When you stop in, let us know what we can engrave, make unique or add that special spicy touch to so that your gift is perfectly unique!

Gifts with fun attached are all available at J.O. ~ come shopping at the retail store today!

🙂 Pamela


Crab Bushel Baskets ~wedding favor decor & more!

bushel basket with mallets

Crab Bushel Baskets aren’t just for crabs! Use them for wedding favor decor, corn on the cob, beach towels, snack bags, spice packets and so much more! Get into the beach theme and authenticate your bushel by draping the fish netting around the basket, and then add your wedding favors, your spice packets or whatever decoration you wish.

crab bushel with flowers

Crab Bushel Baskets are available in our retail store. They are not so good for shipping but we can put them on a pallet if you are a customer who would order in bulk  – call for more details! Our retail store is open one Saturday a month in the summer and if you are on Facebook,  LIKE US and you will always be in the know of our updated schedule!

Crab Bushel Baskets make a great addition to crab feasts, rehearsal dinners, wedding tables and parties. The engraved mallets showcase beautifully inside the baskets and they are fun, functional and make an awesome eye-catching statement!

cookies mallet bushel basket

The J.O. Pinterest page has a great selection of pictures that showcases the fun ways brides have used their Crab Bushel Baskets! Share your pictures with us as we love to showcase how J.O. mallets, spice packets, and all wedding favors make your special day even better!

If you need a Crab Bushel Basket – just think J.O. Spice! We have all your favor needs in one stop shop! We are here M-F 8-4 and one Saturday a month in the summer – call us to inquire and tell us what you need. If it’s a Thursday, chances are we will still be here answering the phones!

At the great price of just $9.95 for a Crab Bushel Basket – why would you shop anywhere else? Get your favor decorations here – we also have great gift ideas, bridal party gift packages and ideas available and we customize labels, engrave mallets, picture frames, cutting boards and glassware! We can take your unique idea and make it a reality!

Come visit us off 3729 Old Georgetown Rd, Baltimore (Halethorpe) MD, 21227! We love visitors!

Hope to see you soon,

🙂 Pamela


Wedding & Party Favor Headquarters

Wedding & party favor headquarters

We are the wedding and party favor headquarters! We are the knot’s “Best of Favors” Winners for 2013 and 2014 for a great reason – We LOVE to take the stress out of party planning! We have been in the crab business since 1945 so we KNOW all about crab mallets, customizing your mallet with your unique, individual style and customizing spice packets! It’s a natural progression to branch out into more favor ideas ~ glassware, frames, cutting boards and knives that can be personalized with your individuality.

Best of Knot

What makes us the wedding and party favor headquarters? We are so much  MORE THAN SPICE and crab mallets! We have “He asked…she said yes!” signs. We have Bride, Groom, Just Married, Just Hitched signage perfect for bridal showers and wedding decor. There’s Mr. Right/Mrs. ALWAYS Right mug sets (who doesn’t need a few of those for gifts?) . We have Trista Sutter’s, from “The Bachelorette”, Grateful Heart Jewelry & Frame Collection. We have the crab netting, the nautical & beach decorations, the table setting signs, the frames, the glassware, the jewelry and the craft bags with over 48 color choices of ribbon and raffia.

We Fit Any and All Budgets! We are experts in creating memorable mallet favors and we have a variety of pre-printed sayings perfect for the corporate event, crab feast, anniversary party, and rehearsal dinner. But since we are the wedding & party headquarters, we do so much more! We have gift tins, buckets in all shapes & sizes, and bushel baskets ready to be filled per your budgeted amount. If you only have $10 to spend, we are expertly creative in putting together a gift that is guaranteed to bring a smile.

Engraved Glassware_twitter

We can decorate any type of party, we can create any type of gift basket, and we can customize, personalize and individualize your unique & memorable gift! We love to spice up your parties with great favors. We love to bring a smile and create a lifetime of memories with gifts and many spectacular wrapping ideas!

How can we help you spice up your party? We are your unique wedding &  party favor headquarters ~ at your service! Just call~ we are experts on a moment’s notice too!

Happy spicy partying,

🙂 Pamela



Wedding & Event Favors ~ winner of the knot!

Best of Knot

We won the knot best of weddings favors for 2014 (and 2013!). We want to sincerely thank you all for that most prized honor. We love what we do and it’s because of you that we can continue to do that! We LOVE LOVE LOVE taking the stress out of your wedding favors. We love to create and personalize great gifts for your wedding and event favors. Now, we have so much more to offer ~ especially since we’ve expanded! Do you have a wedding in the future? How about a special crab or BBQ feast? We are available – we can customize spice packets, mallets, cutting boards, glasses, oyster knives, paring knives….my goodness, this list could go on and on! What do you need on your personalized wedding and event favor?

                       FROM GINGER ~ “THANK YOU ALL for allowing us to be a part of your special day. The Best of the Knot for 2013 & 2014. It is an honor. We LOVE what we do…… personalized favors with personalized service.  

~Who is looking for a great personalized gift? Mallets, Crab knives, Oyster Knives, Cutting Boards, Glassware, Picture Frames, & More….

~Contact jospiceginger@yahoo.com for your personal consultation. Tell me what you are looking for and I will bring your ideas to life with my talented team of designers.

~Thanks again for another great year!

                        Keeping it personalized & spicy~Ginger”

  • Having a spicy backyard BBQ party event? We have SPICE, awesome plates on sale in our store, Sportula’s for the grill, tablecloths, Koozies to keep the beer, soda and bottled water cold, potholders, glasses that you can ENGRAVE, cutting boards that you can PERSONALIZE, and more!

Engraved Glassware_twitter

  • Got a crab feast event coming up? Got spice, tongs, steamer pots, knives, bibs, bushel baskets and gloves? WE DO! How about decorations like authentic fish netting, fun, crabby wall decor, shirts, mallets that we can ENGRAVE, PERSONALIZE, CUSTOMIZE to your specs! You just have to give us a call or send us a request on our personalizedcrabmallets.com website.
  • Planning a wedding? Need a fun, unique, awesome, great, (you supply the adjective) Personalized Favor? You have come to the right spicy website! If you dream it, we can engrave it*! We LOVE to personalize the spice bottle of your choice – Seafood, Blackened, Steak – with a customized label that has your wedding colors, your favorite saying or recipe, your picture, your theme, YOUR ideas…it makes it special for your guests because it’s all YOUR IDEAS! *Some restrictions apply!

Whether it’s a special birthday party, a themed baby shower, from the 1st to your 95th wedding anniversary, whatever event you are celebrating, a personalized favor is the way to go.

Take the stress out of your favors ~ let J.O. ENGRAVE CUSTOMIZE PERSONALIZE for you,

🙂 Pamela


Crab Centerpieces

crab centerpiece_white

Have you ever needed a focus point in your room? How about for the table? How about a great crab centerpiece for your wedding table, patio, dinner, or end table and then don’t forget the bridal shower table, the wedding card table or inside the basket of customized spice packet favors or decorated bushel box or even on top of the cupcake tier?

These crab centerpieces are located under the wedding tab on our online store only because I lost the debate – they aren’t just for weddings.

Do you have a table? Then use this centerpiece.

Do you have a store front? Then use this centerpiece.

Do you have a patio? Then use this centerpiece.

Do you have a restaurant? Then use this centerpiece.

Are you getting the idea?

blue crab centerpiece

Sure, use it as the centerpiece on your wedding table, cookie table, card table, bridal shower gift table but then use it for decorative purposes or for hanging jewelry or for making an eye-catching, draw your focus over here, type of magnet.

There is one available in a white-wash and the other is a blue wood crab. They stand about 12 1/2 inches tall and they are certified hand crafted. They are striking and photos really don’t do them justice as everyone who walks into the store goes, “Oh, I like that!” and then they buy one to use at their wedding or restaurant or home.

Where will you use this striking crab centerpiece? Let us know!

More than spice,

🙂 Pamela



Custom, Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas!

J.O. has the custom, personalized wedding favor ideas for you! I think wedding cookie tables are wonderfully delicious! Who doesn’t love to see a wide spread of cookies while they are dancing the night away, toasting the Happy Couple? We have the perfect wedding favor idea~ Crab, lighthouse or starfish cookie cutters attached to a custom, or personalized mallet, or cutting board! The cookie cutters come in two sizes and paired with a favorite recipe, a cute bow or tie and they are the perfect wedding favor or bridal party gift!

Adding a customized mallet with your name and wedding date and having the cookie cutter attached with string or wraffia (the J.O. spelling since we sell that, too!) and a personalized note that might include a recipe for cookies or a recipe for what the day means to you or a recipe for happiness gives that special touch to your special event. Personalize your favor to fit your fancy.

Wedding favor pics

What about a bottle of J.O. Cinnamon sugar or J.O. Pumpkin Pie Spice with a J.O. customized label attached to the “best pumpkin bread ever” or “absolutely wonderful snickerdoodles” recipes and a Cookie Cutter?

What about putting a cookie cutter with an engraved cutting board? Rolling out the dough on a cutting board gives you an even surface – use parchment paper underneath for easy clean up!

Wedding favors that are personalized, and customized add that special meaning to your special event. Giving as a gift to your bridesmaids or maid of honor keeps the memories alive for years to come ~ especially when it is something they will actually USE!

What was your favorite favor at a wedding?

Have a great (and spicy!) event!!

🙂 Pamela