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Crab Centerpieces

crab centerpiece_white

Have you ever needed a focus point in your room? How about for the table? How about a great crab centerpiece for your wedding table, patio, dinner, or end table and then don’t forget the bridal shower table, the wedding card table or inside the basket of customized spice packet favors or decorated bushel box or even on top of the cupcake tier?

These crab centerpieces are located under the wedding tab on our online store only because I lost the debate – they aren’t just for weddings.

Do you have a table? Then use this centerpiece.

Do you have a store front? Then use this centerpiece.

Do you have a patio? Then use this centerpiece.

Do you have a restaurant? Then use this centerpiece.

Are you getting the idea?

blue crab centerpiece

Sure, use it as the centerpiece on your wedding table, cookie table, card table, bridal shower gift table but then use it for decorative purposes or for hanging jewelry or for making an eye-catching, draw your focus over here, type of magnet.

There is one available in a white-wash and the other is a blue wood crab. They stand about 12 1/2 inches tall and they are certified hand crafted. They are striking and photos really don’t do them justice as everyone who walks into the store goes, “Oh, I like that!” and then they buy one to use at their wedding or restaurant or home.

Where will you use this striking crab centerpiece? Let us know!

More than spice,

🙂 Pamela