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Best Crab Seasoning

The best crab seasoning out there! Would love to see you do a wing sauce like you know who did.

Dad is great!

Is it almost impossible to find that perfect gift for Dad? Well, good thing there is a place called J.O. Spice. Inside this magical wonderland of all things that can happen within a few hours with a lot of creativity, a little bit of money and a ton of personality, there are gifts for Dad, Uncle, Brother, Pop, Pop-Pop, Granddaddy and more! Is he your #1 Dad? Do you love to chant, “Dad is Great!” We’ve got that covered…on a glass, a tumbler or a soon to be favorite T-shirt.

Speaking of T-shirt, is there a special saying Dad quotes all the time? You could customize that on a glass. Would you like to make something special, unique and just one of a kind that no one else sells? J.O. Spice can do that. All you need to do is shop the retail store, and put in a customized glass, cutting board, tumbler, flask request and we’ll get it done.

Fathers Day 2017 - Retail

The J.O. Spice Retail Store is a cute gift boutique nestled among an industrial park. Whenever people “find” the store, they exclaim they never knew it was here. Located behind a trucking company and a popular fast food chain sits the manufacturing plant and the store. The doors are clearly marked: Employee Entrance is the first set of doors to see and further down the parking lot is the Retail Store. With hours Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 4:30pm and sometimes the occasional late night or early Saturday depending on the season, and an ever-available online store, there is always a way to get crab spice, seafood seasoning, or that perfect gift.

Like Us on Facebook to see all the new items that arrive daily. Creativity is constantly flowing through the crab spice so there is always something new to be found, or even better, gifted!

Happy Shopping!

🙂 Pamela

Show Mom, Mother, Momma LOVE!

Depending on where you live, the term might vary but the meaning is the same: Mom, Mother, Momma = Love! No matter who you are, a Mom can be biological, adopted or “like a Mom” and showing your love, appreciation, and gratitude is so easy to do at J.O. Spice! We have the gifts that say the right sentiment. We also have the power to make the right sentiment happen! Instead of Momma, do you call her Mams? We can personalize that on a glass or cutting board. Is there a favorite place that evokes special memories like a visit to the beach or sitting on a lawn chair overlooking the sunset, eating crabs? J.O. Spice’s graphic designers can make magic happen with just a little time and a lot of thoughtful creativity.  It all happens at J.O. Spice.

Mothers Day 2017

This Mother’s Day, show your love with a pre-custom cutting board, glass or keychain flask. Mom’s are #1 at all times! There’s also J.O.’s brand new Tumblers that have been pre-customized with popular sayings like “Always my mother, always my friend,” or “Home is where your Mom is (adorned with a heart)” that keep the liquid cold or hot up to 24 hours!

The J.O. Spice Retail Store is a cute gift boutique nestled among an industrial park. Whenever people “find” the store, they exclaim they never knew it was here. Located behind a trucking company and a popular fast food chain sits the manufacturing plant and the store. The doors are clearly marked: Employee Entrance is the first set of doors to see and further down the parking lot is the Retail Store. With hours Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 4:30pm and sometimes the occasional late night or early Saturday depending on the season, and an ever-available online store, there is always a way to get crab spice, seafood seasoning, or that perfect gift.

The owners motto: Customer Service is our #1 Priority and most often it is them you see when you walk in the door! If they don’t have it readily available, they call the plant or deliver it to you as soon as they can get it made for you. They treat you like family and it shows in their customer service.

Great customer service is what you want when shopping for a special gift for Mom, Mother, Momma, especially on a busy Mother’s Day holiday. When you come into J.O. Spice, you feel the love we have for all of our Mother’s as well as the love we have for making sure you find that perfect gift – for whenever the occasion. When you feel love, you spread love. That makes the world a better place. J.O. Spice is doing our part to make the world a better place, one shopping experience at a time.

Basically, come to the J.O. Spice Retail store and just live better. It also might be the spice that makes life so much better but that’s another article!

Happy Shopping,

🙂 Pamela








The age-old question

2_1 15421002_10157978363830360_9077027152281474415_n 17499135_10158551181160360_963677689825333156_n So… according to Our Community Now, at the start of crab season, there’s the age-old question – which seasoning do you prefer to spice up your crabs? J.O. Spice or Old Bay?

There’s a poll going around – There’s no right or wrong answer, it all depends on your taste buds! It’s the age-old question if you live in Maryland, especially along the water, according to the author. BUT, here at J.O., we’re SO appreciative and grateful for the word-of-mouth advertising! The fact that you know there are 2 different companies is awesome! The fact that you converse about which spice is “better,” or “tastier,” or “all I’ll ever use!” is awesome. The fact that you, the consumer, know J.O. by name, as much as you know Old Bay, is awesome!

Every day, we strive to spice up your crabs, shrimp, seafood in the bestest way possible – and if you recognize that by taking a poll, liking us on Facebook and telling us in the comments “to keep up the good work,” that is all the thanks we need!

Rivalries are what makes everyone better, keeps everyone on their toes -Pepsi or Coke, Coors or Bud, Lays or UTZ, J.O. or Old Bay – yeah, we can agree to disagree in such good company!

Thanks for spreading the good word of spice but more importantly, thanks for sharing the good times, laughter and fun that J.O. brings to your table. We love being a part of great memories.

Here’s the great article to read for yourself,

🙂 Pamela


Season first then fire up the grill!

April means “to open” so it’s only fitting that while the trees are blooming, the tulips are smiling and the cherry blossoms are springing alive, steaks, burgers, chicken, fish and vegetables are waiting to be seasoned! The best rule of the grill? Season first then fire up the grill, giving the meat ample time to soak in the flavor of your seasoning choice. J.O.’s Venison Steak Seasoning is not just for steak! And don’t be afraid of the “venison” part as it was initially developed as part of the Wild Game Line but has since evolved into one of the most popular ways to season steaks, burgers, and potatoes on the grill!

17458019_10158530151310360_3013953123032318885_n  Rib n Chicken  potatoes with garlic pepper

J.O.’s Rib and Chicken is great when you are making skewers, kabobs, etc!, -sprinkling a little on the onions, peppers, pineapple just adds a magical touch to your meal. For the perfect marinade, first sprinkle liberally all over the meat of choice, let sit for about 15 minutes, then add an oil-based marinade. A customer review says to use the “Gazebo” brand dressing (the Greek is my favorite) and that she’s used it on ribs with the J.O. Rib and Chicken. Season first, then fire up the grill. Cooking Tip: when you are cooking ribs, it’s best to go slow, as they become tender and delish, not burnt to a crispy crisp!

Want an excellent side accompaniment to seasoned-just-right-protein? Vegetables grilled to perfection! Asparagus, zucchini cut in halves, red or sweet onions and of course potatoes are Soooooo good on the grill. Most veggies are best grilled with a liquid marinade and on a hot, hot, hot fire, only need a few, like 1-2 minutes to get just right (unless you like them char-grilled, up to you!) but potatoes usually do take longer – just prick with a fork to test for doneness. The best, easiest seasoning? J.O. Garlic Pepper, and a sprinkle of lime or lemon juice to enhance the garlic….Yum!Yum!Yum!

What are you cooking on the grill tonight?

I’m hungry, how about you?

🙂 Pamela

J.O. has the best gifts!


The best gifts come wrapped especially for you, given with a smile, a thoughtful laugh and a kind heart. Those gifts are the cutting boards you design with the help of the J.O. Spice team AND we engrave picture frames, leather portfolios, flasks, checkbook covers, keychains, koozies that float and cups that are better than the popular brand! A custom, personalized gift warms the heart – we started getting more and more feedback from customers who specifically came into the store to make something for their special someone!

17015775_10158383630185360_4189216965254121078_o 17264617_10158438744870360_1452004866714940023_n 17191758_10158438744905360_7066063761625426583_o

Gifts can be something extraordinary when you take just a moment to think what that person loves – then you put it on a glass!  The graphic designers can do most anything from your imagination – there are, of course, some exceptions, but not too many! – and once they have your ideas, they put it to life on your gift of choice.

Custom Engraved Gifts Oct 2016

Check out J.O.’s Facebook, Pinterest or website for all kinds of ideas or stop into the retail store and have a chat with one of the friendly staff members who will help you create the best gift!

Check out the video from Traffic Jam Jimmy’s Facebook page as he gave the best gift to Governor Hogan!

Happy gifting the best gift ever,

🙂 Pamela


No longer a secret!

J.O. is no longer a secret. From the custom gifts to the crab spice, people from all over are learning about J.O. Spice and Company. We are more than spice! We are the spice that is most often on your crabs as you eat them at your favorite crab establishment. We are at your outdoor wedding as the best favor around – a custom crab mallet! -as we’ve won the best of the knot since 2013. We are your favorite gift shop because we engrave right on the spot* if you are in dire need of a gift RIGHT NOW! We are your One Stop Shop for gifts, spice, gift baskets, impromptu ideas that are guaranteed to blow the mind of your gift recipient (just using the language we’ve been told repeatedly in the retail shop!) and J.O. is the fun store that “I didn’t know was here” because we’re nestled behind an industrial park!

3817 - 1 17362526_10158477190265360_4670998318787078692_n 17218412_10158477190430360_1205958331016726069_o

We are no longer a secret because we are at your wedding, your anniversary party, your crab feasts and at various grocery stores, farmers markets and gift shops throughout the Mid-Atlantic region! You’ll see our distributors placing the custom cutting boards, new travel mugs, mallets and keychain flasks on small kiosks. There will be spice, batters, breaders & more at various locations. The best part? If you don’t see it in your area – CALL US! We’ll help you find what you need close by because our motto is Get the customer what they want, when they want it and we pride ourselves on GREAT customer service. If you don’t receive GREAT customer service, please call, write a review, and we’ll do our best to make it GREAT!

Where have you seen J.O. now that it’s no longer a secret? Have you been sitting at your favorite restaurant sprinkling on the spice that says “Crabby Jack’s” or “Nick’s Seasoning” or “3Hogs Chub Rub” and thought how delicious it was, how cool it is that you can take home a bottle to recreate that fun time? You just witnessed the J.O. Secret right before your very eyes! Yes, we can do custom labeling for your spice. Give us a call: 410.247.5205 and we’ll talk!


Happy customizing a great gift,

🙂 Pamela

Blue Crab Gifts Ideas Galore!

Last year we ran a campaign “The secret is out!” because word-of-mouth advertising was really hitting its stride! Our retail store, opened in 2104, was getting busier by the day, the personal customization of cutting boards, glasses, labels, mallets and more was at an all time high and J.O. was celebrating over 70 years as a family business!

For 2017, expect more of the same! The 3rd and 4th generations are running the successful business and there are blue crab gift ideas galore!

15871961_10158103398320360_4442394924303221907_n 15697214_10158034165745360_3063964829155432393_n15589712_10158034165735360_2506713657084657280_n

Blue crab gift ideas available at your fingertips! Need a gift in a hurry? We can do it.

Think J.O. when you need a gift!

Happy shopping,

🙂 Pamela


Just ask for it!

There’s a saying in The Great Gatsby movie, “If there’s anything that you want, just ask for it old sport.” Well, that’s how it is with a J.O. customized piece! Just ask for it! Maybe you’re having a wedding, you need a great gift for that hard-to-buy-for-special-person in your life, maybe there is that milestone event and you just want that extra special touch to your gift – think J.O. and just ask for it!*

life is better at beach Paring Knives glasses collage

You can look at our ideas on personalizedcrabmallets.com or if your wedding theme is Sandollars & Seashells by the Seashore, no problem! How about a chef that you want to create a special cutting board, putting on their signature saying, dish or seasoning (because all chefs have a signature wow factor and shouldn’t they have a cutting board that honors their hard work & dedication to their craft?). Don’t forget about Aunt Sally who has a 50th birthday coming up and she is the love of your life! Or is there a co-worker whose love of guitars and rifles make them unique and wonderful? An artist or a hunter? And of course, we specialize in all things crab for the crab aficionado, the crab collector, the crab waterman and the crab lover.

Is there a hashtag that makes you laugh? A saying that motivates?


“Make today a day for the fancy toothpicks.”

Just ask for it. That’s the J.O. motto. We can customize, personalize and make it happen, in just about a week or less depending on the season!

What can we do for you today?

Happy gifting,

🙂 Pamela


*We only have a license to do Natty Boh – no other trademarked logos of any kind are able to be reproduced.