We Are More Than a Spice Company…

Dad is great!

Is it almost impossible to find that perfect gift for Dad? Well, good thing there is a place called J.O. Spice. Inside this magical wonderland of all things that can happen within a few hours with a lot of creativity, a little bit of money and a ton of personality, there are gifts for Dad, Uncle, Brother, Pop, Pop-Pop, Granddaddy and more! Is he your #1 Dad? Do you love to chant, “Dad is Great!” We’ve got that covered…on a glass, a tumbler or a soon to be favorite T-shirt.

Speaking of T-shirt, is there a special saying Dad quotes all the time? You could customize that on a glass. Would you like to make something special, unique and just one of a kind that no one else sells? J.O. Spice can do that. All you need to do is shop the retail store, and put in a customized glass, cutting board, tumbler, flask request and we’ll get it done.

Fathers Day 2017 - Retail

The J.O. Spice Retail Store is a cute gift boutique nestled among an industrial park. Whenever people “find” the store, they exclaim they never knew it was here. Located behind a trucking company and a popular fast food chain sits the manufacturing plant and the store. The doors are clearly marked: Employee Entrance is the first set of doors to see and further down the parking lot is the Retail Store. With hours Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 4:30pm and sometimes the occasional late night or early Saturday depending on the season, and an ever-available online store, there is always a way to get crab spice, seafood seasoning, or that perfect gift.

Like Us on Facebook to see all the new items that arrive daily. Creativity is constantly flowing through the crab spice so there is always something new to be found, or even better, gifted!

Happy Shopping!

🙂 Pamela

Show Mom, Mother, Momma LOVE!

Depending on where you live, the term might vary but the meaning is the same: Mom, Mother, Momma = Love! No matter who you are, a Mom can be biological, adopted or “like a Mom” and showing your love, appreciation, and gratitude is so easy to do at J.O. Spice! We have the gifts that say the right sentiment. We also have the power to make the right sentiment happen! Instead of Momma, do you call her Mams? We can personalize that on a glass or cutting board. Is there a favorite place that evokes special memories like a visit to the beach or sitting on a lawn chair overlooking the sunset, eating crabs? J.O. Spice’s graphic designers can make magic happen with just a little time and a lot of thoughtful creativity.  It all happens at J.O. Spice.

Mothers Day 2017

This Mother’s Day, show your love with a pre-custom cutting board, glass or keychain flask. Mom’s are #1 at all times! There’s also J.O.’s brand new Tumblers that have been pre-customized with popular sayings like “Always my mother, always my friend,” or “Home is where your Mom is (adorned with a heart)” that keep the liquid cold or hot up to 24 hours!

The J.O. Spice Retail Store is a cute gift boutique nestled among an industrial park. Whenever people “find” the store, they exclaim they never knew it was here. Located behind a trucking company and a popular fast food chain sits the manufacturing plant and the store. The doors are clearly marked: Employee Entrance is the first set of doors to see and further down the parking lot is the Retail Store. With hours Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 4:30pm and sometimes the occasional late night or early Saturday depending on the season, and an ever-available online store, there is always a way to get crab spice, seafood seasoning, or that perfect gift.

The owners motto: Customer Service is our #1 Priority and most often it is them you see when you walk in the door! If they don’t have it readily available, they call the plant or deliver it to you as soon as they can get it made for you. They treat you like family and it shows in their customer service.

Great customer service is what you want when shopping for a special gift for Mom, Mother, Momma, especially on a busy Mother’s Day holiday. When you come into J.O. Spice, you feel the love we have for all of our Mother’s as well as the love we have for making sure you find that perfect gift – for whenever the occasion. When you feel love, you spread love. That makes the world a better place. J.O. Spice is doing our part to make the world a better place, one shopping experience at a time.

Basically, come to the J.O. Spice Retail store and just live better. It also might be the spice that makes life so much better but that’s another article!

Happy Shopping,

🙂 Pamela








Season first then fire up the grill!

April means “to open” so it’s only fitting that while the trees are blooming, the tulips are smiling and the cherry blossoms are springing alive, steaks, burgers, chicken, fish and vegetables are waiting to be seasoned! The best rule of the grill? Season first then fire up the grill, giving the meat ample time to soak in the flavor of your seasoning choice. J.O.’s Venison Steak Seasoning is not just for steak! And don’t be afraid of the “venison” part as it was initially developed as part of the Wild Game Line but has since evolved into one of the most popular ways to season steaks, burgers, and potatoes on the grill!

17458019_10158530151310360_3013953123032318885_n  Rib n Chicken  potatoes with garlic pepper

J.O.’s Rib and Chicken is great when you are making skewers, kabobs, etc!, -sprinkling a little on the onions, peppers, pineapple just adds a magical touch to your meal. For the perfect marinade, first sprinkle liberally all over the meat of choice, let sit for about 15 minutes, then add an oil-based marinade. A customer review says to use the “Gazebo” brand dressing (the Greek is my favorite) and that she’s used it on ribs with the J.O. Rib and Chicken. Season first, then fire up the grill. Cooking Tip: when you are cooking ribs, it’s best to go slow, as they become tender and delish, not burnt to a crispy crisp!

Want an excellent side accompaniment to seasoned-just-right-protein? Vegetables grilled to perfection! Asparagus, zucchini cut in halves, red or sweet onions and of course potatoes are Soooooo good on the grill. Most veggies are best grilled with a liquid marinade and on a hot, hot, hot fire, only need a few, like 1-2 minutes to get just right (unless you like them char-grilled, up to you!) but potatoes usually do take longer – just prick with a fork to test for doneness. The best, easiest seasoning? J.O. Garlic Pepper, and a sprinkle of lime or lemon juice to enhance the garlic….Yum!Yum!Yum!

What are you cooking on the grill tonight?

I’m hungry, how about you?

🙂 Pamela



(How to Tie a Scarf Image Courtesy of Pinterest and the other two images are on the J.O. Spice online store under the Scarves! tab)

Scarves! It’s October and that means layers!

Scarves! are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit and we have -no pun intended- layers of scarves to choose from! If you like anchors, deep colors, and nautical themes, then go to our online store and check out all the available SCARVES! There are also a multitude of Maryland flag scarves to choose from – we’ve got them for all seasons!


The best thing to do is to come visit our retail store and try them on for yourself! We’re going to be open Saturday, October 29th from 9am-2pm if you want to check out the store and the tent sale! We have SCARVES! in so many styles, choices and fabrics, you’ll be stocking up! You’ll probably buy one for you, one for a friend and as the holidays are right around the corner, you might end up doing ALL your Christmas shopping at J.O. Spice: your One Stop Shop for all kinds of gifts!

J.O. can customize, personalize, and put the truly thoughtful in your unique gift. Have no ideas? Great, we’ve got enough and we’ll help you pick out a great personal gift that will be the BEST gift your friend, family, acquaintance has ever received (trust us, we’re not tooting our own horn, we’re just repeating what we’re frequently told!)!

Try our gifts and gift-abilities for yourself, your friend, your mom, your hard-to-buy-for-individual and then you be the judge!

🙂 Happy Shopping!

Spread the secret around!

Now that the secret is out, spread the secret around! Tell your friends, your family, your neighbor, the dude down the street steaming crabs and the people in the boat next to ya! The secret is out and people are loving that they are in the know!


The new generation is going to know the secret! We have brought in some great kids shirts and kids items to get them interested in all aspects of crabbing – catching, eating, steaming with J.O., and other great items! Have you stopped into the retail store lately? There are hats, shirts, bags, and more!

We have so many things to spread the secret around and we love word of mouth advertising! It’s the best! It also helps with conservation as the more people ask questions about what is on your crabs, you want to know even more about where they are caught, how the Bay is doing and what is happening on the water.

Come see what all the conversation is about – and join in!

Spread the secret around,

🙂 Pamela



Mallets are the Universal Tool

Mallets are the Universal Tool for crackin’ crab claws and for making the crab feastin’ experience such fun! Mallets are fun and easy to to use. Mallets are even more enjoyable engraved! Great conversation starter! Do you yell something creative when you crab feast? You can have your favorite expression engraved on your mallet. You can have a special birthday. The possibilities are practically endless* (Email sales@jospices.com for more information)!

Mallets really are the Universal Tool – haven’t you ever just needed to tap open a container or re-nail something loose? They work for those exceptional instances when you’re in a pinch. Mallets are way more fun and functional when you are pounding away at a crab feast though! The best trick I’ve seen for those stubborn claws? Use a mallet and a knife – you gently tap the knife into the claw with the mallet to make an opening and voila, you’ve got the meat!

11995960_10156112700665360_5450061562993823373_n 12032148_10156167078510360_6821048225175474568_n 13267911_10157049746430360_4504603021230817151_n

Have you thought about adding the Universal Tool to your upcoming crab feast? Engrave with Crab Feast 2016 for a special price or Summer 2016! The retail store has many pre-printed mallets that you can purchase right on the spot. If you don’t see one you have to have on the website, you are more than welcome to offer a suggestion of what you’d like to see as a pre-printed design. We love to hear what would make you smile as you are using a mallet, the Universal Tool!

*While we would love to support the favorite Baltimore teams and spread the love through mallets, we don’t do anything trademarked!

Have a pounding blast at your crab feast,

🙂 Pamela


Eaglewingz Chesapeake Brand Hot Sauce



Introducing Eaglewingz Chesapeake Brand Hot Sauce made with J.O. Spice! This product is made by a great family man in Delaware.

We are excited to distribute this new product created by another small family business. It’s a great sauce for chicken wings, chicken tenders, and probably ribs, fish and more although I’ve not had the chance to try since I just love how it tastes on chicken wings!

Eaglewingz Chesapeake Brand Hot Sauce was created in 1988 by Rick Ewing using a “little of this, a little of that” and once his family and friends tasted the sauce, they knew what he had to do: bottle it, sell it and get it to market! It’s a local favorite in the Delmarva area and in 2010 it finally became a bottled name. It’s offered in Rick’s store: Something Hot Specialty Sauces, on our very own website and in many areas across Delmarva.

We offer the original Eaglewingz Chesapeake Brand Hot Sauce but there are 3 others: Extreme, Pineapple Teriyaki and Cayenne Cassie. Once you’ve put this sauce on your chicken wings, chicken tenders, chicken bites, chicken “buffalo” dip, you won’t bother with any other hot sauce. With the right combination of butter, spice and sauce all included in one bottle, there’s really no need for anything else but a napkin (okay, maybe a beer!).

Pick some up today, before it sells out! Once the word is out, the bottles are off the shelves and we have to eat boring pasta- oh wait, we might have a way to spice that up too! 🙂

Happy chicken wings are sauced with Eaglewingz Chesapeake Brand Hot Sauce!


🙂 Pamela


Hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes!

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)IMG_5595

Hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes! Do you like to hunt, fish or crab? Would you like a glass or cutting board to highlight your passion? It would make the perfect gift for your special someone who enjoys all things outdoors. We have the images you see – Turkey, Geese, Deer and Mallard – available to engrave on Pint Glasses, Stemless Wine, Rocks Glasses, Cutting Boards, Cheese Boards, Bar Boards…we can even put it on a picture frame!

Need a bridal party gift? Best groomsmen gift? It can be personalized as well. The one who loves the outdoors, the one who enjoys and sings the mantra: hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes! will enjoy the best gift ever- all courtesy of you!

Need it fast? 24 hours notice is Awesome but depending on the busy-ness of the store and the orders in house, we can get it done within the hour!

We customize to your gift recipient! We offer advice, tips and observations but it’s your gift to give and we don’t engrave until we know you love it!

Hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes! It can be done – by J.O. Spice!

So what can we engrave for you today?

🙂 Pamela

Black Pepper & Turmeric, together!

There are rumors that black pepper & turmeric, together, provide great health benefits. Turmeric is said to help with depression, psoriasis, various cancers, Alzheimer’s, weight loss and as its an anti-inflammatory, it aids digestion, arthritic joint pain and knee osteoarthritis. Black Pepper, consumed together with turmeric, increases the absorption which makes the spice work more effectively.


Turmeric’s* active ingredient is curcumin (not to be confused with cumin, a completely different spice) which is a member of the ginger family. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and it is a very strong anti-oxidant. It helps to consume black pepper and turmeric together as curcumin is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream. Black pepper contains piperine* (bioperine) which enhances the absorption by 2000%.

Phew, did you get all that? The point is that it’s been used for over 2500 years, it has anti-inflammatory effects and people say results are evident. It’s available in capsule or supplement form. It’s also available at www.jospices.com as a spice! Turmeric is most commonly used in many curry dishes, added to deviled eggs, and dishes with mustard flour as the yellow color is going to be prevalent. As you eat your favorite Moroccan/Mediterranean dish, sprinkle some J.O. Turmeric and J.O. Black Pepper on top. Add a pinch to your egg salad or your deviled egg mixture. I am always adding J.O. Black Pepper to all my egg meals so why not sprinkle some J.O. Turmeric and see if there is any truth to the rumors!

*please refer to articles for more information! I am not a doctor, just had a few people come in asking for both J.O. Turmeric and J.O. Black Pepper together so I blogged about it! As with any new diet, always consult your doctor.

Everyone deserves a long, healthy, happy life,

🙂 Pamela

J.O.’s Sterling crab jewelry!

JO Chesapeake Sterling Collection

There’s nothing better than J.O. Spice on your crabs – now there’s nothing better than the new sterling crab jewelry line by J.O. ~ J.O.’s Chesapeake Sterling Collection! This is a new sterling silver crab jewelry line created exclusively for J.O. Spice by Peter Stone, inspired by Ginger. It was Ginger’s desire to have a real Maryland crab jewelry line. Her inspirations came from being on the water, crabbing, working with Watermen and appreciating all that Watermen do! She could never find a piece of jewelry that captured the real, true blue crab. When she found a jewelry designer who did such beautiful work, they got to talking, she told them of her ideas and voila, a partnership was formed!

J.O.’s Chesapeake Sterling Collection is Sterling Silver with the option to custom order any piece in gold and platinum. Ginger made sure the crab jewelry looked like a real, true blue crab and as a tribute to the Watermen, she made sure the crabs were anatomically correct! There is such exquisite detail on both sides of the pieces that they are just as much conversation pieces as accompaniments to any outfit!

There is a piece for every budget and with Christmas right around the corner, they are great items for your Wish List! J.O.’s Chesapeake Sterling Collection is sure to delight whether you are a crabber, a daughter/granddaughter of a Watermen or part of the generation that loves crabs. (And, as we all know, that is every generation!)

All pieces of J.O.’s Chesapeake Sterling Collection are on display at the retail store. They are available to order online at www.jospices.com as well. They make great additions to a bridal party or a wedding gift, especially if you are having/attending a Maryland-themed wedding!

When you’re thinking gifts, think J.O. Spice!

Happy Shopping,

🙂 Pamela