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Black Pepper & Turmeric, together!

There are rumors that black pepper & turmeric, together, provide great health benefits. Turmeric is said to help with depression, psoriasis, various cancers, Alzheimer’s, weight loss and as its an anti-inflammatory, it aids digestion, arthritic joint pain and knee osteoarthritis. Black Pepper, consumed together with turmeric, increases the absorption which makes the spice work more effectively.


Turmeric’s* active ingredient is curcumin (not to be confused with cumin, a completely different spice) which is a member of the ginger family. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and it is a very strong anti-oxidant. It helps to consume black pepper and turmeric together as curcumin is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream. Black pepper contains piperine* (bioperine) which enhances the absorption by 2000%.

Phew, did you get all that? The point is that it’s been used for over 2500 years, it has anti-inflammatory effects and people say results are evident. It’s available in capsule or supplement form. It’s also available at www.jospices.com as a spice! Turmeric is most commonly used in many curry dishes, added to deviled eggs, and dishes with mustard flour as the yellow color is going to be prevalent. As you eat your favorite Moroccan/Mediterranean dish, sprinkle some J.O. Turmeric and J.O. Black Pepper on top. Add a pinch to your egg salad or your deviled egg mixture. I am always adding J.O. Black Pepper to all my egg meals so why not sprinkle some J.O. Turmeric and see if there is any truth to the rumors!

*please refer to articles for more information! I am not a doctor, just had a few people come in asking for both J.O. Turmeric and J.O. Black Pepper together so I blogged about it! As with any new diet, always consult your doctor.

Everyone deserves a long, healthy, happy life,

🙂 Pamela