We Are More Than a Spice Company…

Hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes!

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Hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes! Do you like to hunt, fish or crab? Would you like a glass or cutting board to highlight your passion? It would make the perfect gift for your special someone who enjoys all things outdoors. We have the images you see – Turkey, Geese, Deer and Mallard – available to engrave on Pint Glasses, Stemless Wine, Rocks Glasses, Cutting Boards, Cheese Boards, Bar Boards…we can even put it on a picture frame!

Need a bridal party gift? Best groomsmen gift? It can be personalized as well. The one who loves the outdoors, the one who enjoys and sings the mantra: hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes! will enjoy the best gift ever- all courtesy of you!

Need it fast? 24 hours notice is Awesome but depending on the busy-ness of the store and the orders in house, we can get it done within the hour!

We customize to your gift recipient! We offer advice, tips and observations but it’s your gift to give and we don’t engrave until we know you love it!

Hunting, fishing, crabbing, oh yes! It can be done – by J.O. Spice!

So what can we engrave for you today?

🙂 Pamela

Spice Up your life!

Spice up your life so you are never bored. Spice up your life so your taste buds are always intrigued. Spicing up meals with different spices creates so many different meals using the same cut of meat! Spicing up your kitchen with fun decor, engraved paring knives, cutting boards or glassware adds a zest of zippity-do-da to your meals, too! How do we know? Because a cute, custom paring knife and cutting board always makes you smile! Spoon and Spork 1butter me up towel2Paring Knives

Spice up your life is just as easy as sprinkling J.O. Rotisserie all over your chicken salad. Or try this trick: Buy a pre-roasted Rotisserie Chicken from your local supermarket, rub the Rotisserie Spice all over the chicken, the cavity and underneath the skin, stick in oven to warm…the smell permeates the kitchen and makes it seem as if you’ve been slaving for hours and hours! Served best with potato salad (did you know the trick about sprinkling some J.O. Celery Seed all over a store bought brand makes it taste homemade?) and green beans.

1504575_10155281237805360_7180625709864359083_n10984038_10155281338950360_7132275562245364760_nCrab anchor and flip flop shakers

Spice up your life by trying something new. Re-decorate your kitchen in crabs of all sizes and shapes. If you don’t want to customize a cutting board, buy one of the tempered glass boards on jospices.com. Something as simple as grabbing a new kitchen towel can make all the difference. We’ve had people come in to add on to their engraved glassware because they love to drink out of “their very own” personalized glass. Engraving takes no time at all to do and yet it makes all the difference in a gift, in a kitchen and in a person’s life!

Spiced up casseroles are an easy go-to dinner. The trick to spicing up your casseroles is finding a spice you love and then expanding on the taste. Garlic, pepper and salt are a given in most dishes but what about marjoram, oregano, coriander, cumin? Adding a spice you’re unsure about almost always guarantees a sure thing or a complete screw-up! How else ya goin’ know unless you try? I don’t like tarragon or dill and that took me forever to figure out because they are in a lot of my families recipes but once I did, whew, what a difference it made to my cooking!

Simply adding J.O. Ginger to soy sauce can make a stir fry so much better. J.O. Oregano, J.O. Marjoram and J.O. Parsley to spaghetti sauce. Don’t forget the J.O. Cumin to your chili! Even a fennel seed or a celery seed can make a difference! It’s so fun to cook! If you don’t know what you are doing, you know you can call “Team Spice” at J.O. and we’ll help you out!

Spice up your life with engraved gifts and kitchen items, a variety of spices and by simply trying something a little different.

Have fun spicing up your life!

🙂 Pamela


Wedding & Party Favor Headquarters

Wedding & party favor headquarters

We are the wedding and party favor headquarters! We are the knot’s “Best of Favors” Winners for 2013 and 2014 for a great reason – We LOVE to take the stress out of party planning! We have been in the crab business since 1945 so we KNOW all about crab mallets, customizing your mallet with your unique, individual style and customizing spice packets! It’s a natural progression to branch out into more favor ideas ~ glassware, frames, cutting boards and knives that can be personalized with your individuality.

Best of Knot

What makes us the wedding and party favor headquarters? We are so much  MORE THAN SPICE and crab mallets! We have “He asked…she said yes!” signs. We have Bride, Groom, Just Married, Just Hitched signage perfect for bridal showers and wedding decor. There’s Mr. Right/Mrs. ALWAYS Right mug sets (who doesn’t need a few of those for gifts?) . We have Trista Sutter’s, from “The Bachelorette”, Grateful Heart Jewelry & Frame Collection. We have the crab netting, the nautical & beach decorations, the table setting signs, the frames, the glassware, the jewelry and the craft bags with over 48 color choices of ribbon and raffia.

We Fit Any and All Budgets! We are experts in creating memorable mallet favors and we have a variety of pre-printed sayings perfect for the corporate event, crab feast, anniversary party, and rehearsal dinner. But since we are the wedding & party headquarters, we do so much more! We have gift tins, buckets in all shapes & sizes, and bushel baskets ready to be filled per your budgeted amount. If you only have $10 to spend, we are expertly creative in putting together a gift that is guaranteed to bring a smile.

Engraved Glassware_twitter

We can decorate any type of party, we can create any type of gift basket, and we can customize, personalize and individualize your unique & memorable gift! We love to spice up your parties with great favors. We love to bring a smile and create a lifetime of memories with gifts and many spectacular wrapping ideas!

How can we help you spice up your party? We are your unique wedding &  party favor headquarters ~ at your service! Just call~ we are experts on a moment’s notice too!

Happy spicy partying,

🙂 Pamela



Crabby Beadworx by Grassroots

Small Beaded Sea TurtleBeaded Flip Flop Key Chain

The crabby Beadworx products are so cute! The pictures really don’t do them justice. You really want the flip flop garden stakes in your garden. They are awesome. The turtles are perfect on the wall in a set of 3 or just sitting on an end table or your desk. Then there are all the different crab sizes and the blue and orange crab is adorable. The crab garden stakes are very cool. The flip flop key chains are a must have and they are in so many different colors, buy one for every key set you need!

Beadworx by Grassroots is a true craft that can only truly be appreciated as you look at the wonderful products. After reading their website, and then checking out the products, you see how the wire bending would be difficult and intricate, requiring great strength and skill. These products bring steady work and income to hundreds of people who had no prior opportunity to create stability for themselves and their families. When Ginger saw the crabby Beadworx products and heard about the company, their business, and how it all came to be and who it supports, she had to bring in this line!

These crabby Beadworx products are great for gifts! They are so cute, you don’t even have to be a collector of sea life or flip flops to enjoy the intricacies. You’ll just pick one up because it’s fun to look at and it will make you smile. Who doesn’t want to smile when they are sitting at their desk? Great for crabby co-workers,  crabby bus drivers, crabby mailmen, crabby in-laws….whoever needs a smile, a pick-me-up or ask us to wrap it up for a great birthday celebration!

Large Beaded Red CrabBeaded Small Blue Crab

Happy making someone’s day,

🙂 Pamela



Spring is coming in 22 days (we can only hope as it is snowing yet again!) Spring is a great time to redecorate! J.O. has just the products to help you do just that. How do you like to decorate? Do you like to use fun decor with a beachy theme or weathered by the sea wood look? Maybe you like to mix and match, some old with some new and you like the idea of supporting small business?

How about redecorating a wall using authentic fish netting that you can buy at a great price? We also have great wall decor, weathered wood containers, wrought iron stands that will hold the frames or the special plates or platters you want to display and/or get out of your cluttered kitchen cabinets. We have crabby garden stakes, crabby wall decor, pillows, tablecloths, place mats, table runners and beaded crabs, turtles and flip flops that are perfect sitting at your desk, on an end table or decorating a mantle.

We have plates, cutting boards and coasters that will redecorate any table in seconds. That is always a cheery pick-you-up when you can set your dinner table or make dinner with something that makes you smile and think of the beach or the sun or a fun, summer memory. A fun cutting board takes the same old, same old feeling away from dinner prep and custom engraving a paring knife that makes you giggle also helps!

This winter has been long and redecorating is a fun, spirit lifter that gets everyone out of the winter blah’s. What will you use to redecorate? The great thing about J.O. Spice is that we have many items for the cost-conscious customer so you are sure to come in, browse, get ideas and find something within your budget.

Splurge on a $1.95 key chain or magnet to get you thinking about your spring garden redecorating plans, your vacation ideas or what you will drink at happy hour tonight!

Happy Shopping & Redecorating!

🙂 Pamela