We Are More Than a Spice Company…

Spice Up your life!

Spice up your life so you are never bored. Spice up your life so your taste buds are always intrigued. Spicing up meals with different spices creates so many different meals using the same cut of meat! Spicing up your kitchen with fun decor, engraved paring knives, cutting boards or glassware adds a zest of zippity-do-da to your meals, too! How do we know? Because a cute, custom paring knife and cutting board always makes you smile! Spoon and Spork 1butter me up towel2Paring Knives

Spice up your life is just as easy as sprinkling J.O. Rotisserie all over your chicken salad. Or try this trick: Buy a pre-roasted Rotisserie Chicken from your local supermarket, rub the Rotisserie Spice all over the chicken, the cavity and underneath the skin, stick in oven to warm…the smell permeates the kitchen and makes it seem as if you’ve been slaving for hours and hours! Served best with potato salad (did you know the trick about sprinkling some J.O. Celery Seed all over a store bought brand makes it taste homemade?) and green beans.

1504575_10155281237805360_7180625709864359083_n10984038_10155281338950360_7132275562245364760_nCrab anchor and flip flop shakers

Spice up your life by trying something new. Re-decorate your kitchen in crabs of all sizes and shapes. If you don’t want to customize a cutting board, buy one of the tempered glass boards on jospices.com. Something as simple as grabbing a new kitchen towel can make all the difference. We’ve had people come in to add on to their engraved glassware because they love to drink out of “their very own” personalized glass. Engraving takes no time at all to do and yet it makes all the difference in a gift, in a kitchen and in a person’s life!

Spiced up casseroles are an easy go-to dinner. The trick to spicing up your casseroles is finding a spice you love and then expanding on the taste. Garlic, pepper and salt are a given in most dishes but what about marjoram, oregano, coriander, cumin? Adding a spice you’re unsure about almost always guarantees a sure thing or a complete screw-up! How else ya goin’ know unless you try? I don’t like tarragon or dill and that took me forever to figure out because they are in a lot of my families recipes but once I did, whew, what a difference it made to my cooking!

Simply adding J.O. Ginger to soy sauce can make a stir fry so much better. J.O. Oregano, J.O. Marjoram and J.O. Parsley to spaghetti sauce. Don’t forget the J.O. Cumin to your chili! Even a fennel seed or a celery seed can make a difference! It’s so fun to cook! If you don’t know what you are doing, you know you can call “Team Spice” at J.O. and we’ll help you out!

Spice up your life with engraved gifts and kitchen items, a variety of spices and by simply trying something a little different.

Have fun spicing up your life!

🙂 Pamela