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What’s on your crabs?

the great debate

So you think you know what’s on your crabs? Isn’t it funny how a spice can just add so much to a meal? I’m not sure people even realize the difference a sprinkle of spice makes…I just love to cook so I forget that some people don’t like to experiment with spices and flavors and the combinations that can make the difference between an okay meal to a fabulous meal. It can get overwhelming if you have no idea what coriander or celery seed or marjoram or crushed red pepper can do – even what J.O. #1 or J.O. #2 can do!

Someone just told me that she learned all about celery seed when she ate her neighbor’s potato salad. She never knew that was what made the difference and why she preferred her neighbor’s to her own! Another person said she could never get her mom’s noodle burger casserole just right until she learned that it was oregano, rosemary and marjoram – the spice that alluded her! What is the spice you love and didn’t know? I didn’t know I could make chili better with cumin, coriander, and cinnamon!

A lot of people think they are eating a certain brand on their crabs and go to the store, buy it and yet can’t get the combination just right when they steam…it’s because the spice is J.O.! Most crab restaurants use  J.O. #2 when steaming or preparing crabs. There is a difference. You can taste it and you can see it! Do you know how to tell the difference?

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🙂 Pamela