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Budget Conscious ~ what’s for dinner?

chik with bbq spice

Are you budget conscious? Do you try and plan for the week by making a chicken that will last a few meals, making extra potatoes, buying a few things at the store that will cook a few meals without a problem?

A roasted J.O. BBQ spiced chicken is what’s for dinner on a budget! The best part is this will make two or more dinners. Tomorrow’s dinner could be chicken noodle soup. The BBQ spice gives it a nice flavor when added with fresh cut carrots, celery, and egg noddles. Add a can of cream of chicken soup to thicken the base. Yummy. What about a BBQ panini? Bread & cheese melted together makes any dinner fabulous!

potatoes with garlic pepper

What about leftover baked potatoes? They are so easy to be “left over” because you can throw as many in the oven as you’d like – it’s all about planning really. Baked potatoes with broccoli and cheese (really, any kind of fresh/frozen veggie smothered in cheese!) is a great, easy meal (and if you don’t go too heavy on the cheese, pretty darn healthy!).

Leftover baked potatoes can be:

  • cut up and either sauteed with some onion, peppers, mushrooms, and of course, J.O. Garlic Pepper
  • baked in a casserole with vegetables, rotisserie chicken or turkey, or canned chicken, adding a can of cream of mushroom or chicken soup, J.O. Italian Seasoning & dot with ricotta cheese or sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top
  • added to a broth – chicken, vegetable or beef –  with some veggies, J.O. Granulated Garlic, J.O. Rosemary & J.O. Marjoram and you have an easy soup!

Who says you can’t have delicious homemade meals when cooking on a budget?

What’s for dinner at your house? Send us ideas and you might win a prize in our “What’s for Dinner?” Contest!

Budgets aren’t hard to follow with SPICE,

🙂 Pamela