We Are More Than a Spice Company…

Spice up the boring!

bbq spice shrimp

Tired of the same old, same old? Find yourself eating the same things, week after week? Spice up the boring! All it takes is a little taste test to find your favorite or to try something new.

Ginger knows how to spice up the boring! She steamed shrimp in J.O.’s BBQ Spice. It was so delicious that she added it to her salad for lunch ~ topped salad greens with BBQ spiced shrimp, feta, and honey mustard pretzel bits and balsamic dressing.

We are well known for our seafood seasonings but did you know we have all kinds of specialty spices? BBQ, Caribbean Jerk, Rib&Chicken, Rotisserie, and more all online and under the specialty tab! Unsure of how to use a spice? We are here to help! We all love certain spices and we all love to spice up the boring.


Do you have a favorite? Ginger loves the Rotisserie & the BBQ, Kathleen loves the Rib & Chicken, I love the Caribbean Jerk & Blackened and my brother in law loves the Cajun! Between all of us, we’re not only spicing up the boring, we’re spicing up the world!

What about a favorite recipe you’d care to share? Leave a comment below or on Facebook!

Spice up the boring!

🙂 Pamela