We Are More Than a Spice Company…

Small Business Support!

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We are a proud, family-owned business. We are NOT corporate in any way! We are a small “family” business; there are only 23 of us who provide great customer service (according to our reviews) and we do not succumb to corporate ideas or rules or ways (who has the time to adhere to rules? We are SPICE-LY working here!).  When you need spice, mallets or great crabby decorations, you leave a message on our machine or you get one of the owners on the phone or one of 2 customer service ladies and WE GET YOU WHAT YOU NEED.

There are days when we work long hours because customers ran out of spice at the last minute and their truck delivers today and we are going to live up to the J.O. mission: “Get the customer what they need, when they need it.” That is J.O. Small Business. That is what we do 24-7. And we are incredibly proud of being able to do that since 1945. We have no intention of changing. We work hard to keep the business strong and we appreciate your support of small business!

Crabbing season is upon us and we are hoping for a great one. We are a small business and every sale counts! That is why we do what we do for customers. And customers support us and we appreciate it! We thank our customers by doing all that we can to get them what they need! It’s a mutual win-win. We are very grateful for our wonderful customers – each and every single one!

Thanks for a superb turn out at our Grand Opening, Saturday, April 5, 2014. Next year is our 70th year and we are already planning the party! Thanks for supporting small business! Keep America Strong!

Thanks for Great Customers! Thanks for Small Business! Thanks for SPICE because as you know, spice is the taste of life!

WHEN you need anything – spice, mallets, cutting boards, oyster knives, glasses engraved with crabs or ??? We are here for you!

Spice up your life with J.O.,

🙂 Pamela