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Seasoning For All – What’s Your Favorite?

Crab Seasoning in Five Flavors- Experience them all and tell us your favorite!  combo pack

Here at J.O. we have a seasoning for all. We have the garlic for the garlic lovers. We have black pepper blends for the black pepper aficionados. There’s Cajun flavors, blackened, Jerk spice, 3 different wild game blends that go on ANY and EVERY animal and of course, we can spice up crabs, shrimp, rockfish, oysters, scallops, crayfish/crawdads/crawfish, lobster, tilapia, flounder….SEAFOOD!

J.O. #2 is made solely for the steaming of crabs! J.O. #1 is awesome on the table next to the salt and pepper as it is good on EVERYTHING. Aficionado’s take note – black pepper base crab seasoning is the secret inside J.O. Black Crab. There’s the J.O. Garlic Crab and those who like BBQ there is J.O. BBQ Crab Seasoning. We have a seasoning for all – what’s your favorite?

The 3 different wild game blends aren’t just for “wild game” hunters, fishermen and those outdoorsy types. The Venison/Steak/Beef Seasoning in the red label is “SERIOUSLY WICKED GOOD” on hamburgers and turkey burgers. The Beef/Poultry Rub is the one that makes the chicken so happy to be in the oven. Using Beef/Poultry Rub on a pork shoulder and getting it ready to be broasted and then turned into your famous bar-b-que is heaven on a platter and sure to be your favorite?

Never, ever be afraid to combine spices to get your desired taste or exciting new combination. Have you tried the blackened with a little J.O. Garlic Crab? How about the J.O. BBQ Crab and a little of the Beef/Poultry Rub? What about a fun combination of Cajun, lime juice and a pinch of J.O. #1? You just never know what kind of winning invention you are capable of creating in your very own kitchen.

The cool thing about using the J.O. Crab Blends is that they already have the salt that you would use on the meats. Pro chefs are always saying that salt adds the flavor – adding it to your pasta’s water makes the pasta taste better. Rubbing it on meat starts the breakdown of the tendons to make the juices come out and the meat that much more moist.

There is a seasoning for all – what’s your favorite?

Happy Finding your Favorite Blend,

🙂 Pamela