We Are More Than a Spice Company…

Salt Restricted Diet? No Salt Diet? We have the spice for that!

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Are you on a salt restricted diet? Did your doctor put you on a No Salt Diet? We have the spice for that!  There is the J.O. 50%Less Seafood Seasoning which means that it has 50% less salt and is a spicier option than our traditional J.O. #1 Seafood Seasoning. The J.O. No Salt Seafood Seasoning has no salt added to the seasoning and patients from Johns Hopkins have been urged to try our seasoning! (But we are honest. Without salt, the seasoning is not very palatable.)

The salt-restricted and no salt diets are just as good as ever when you use spice. J.O. No Salt and J.O. 50% Less Salt Seafood Seasonings are good on everything – don’t limit to seafood. They were named that because it’s still a traditional Chesapeake Seasoning that you want to use on fish, shrimp and other seafood but expand that to chicken, popcorn, vegetables, potatoes, etc. Use a little, or combine the J.O. No Salt Seasoning with a powerful flavor like garlic or rosemary and see what delightful flavors your mouth can experience!

chik with bbq spicevariety of spices

For no salt diets and people who are watching their sodium intake, we have more spices than people realize. Besides a whole range of kitchen spices like curry, cumin, rosemary, black pepper, red pepper, cayenne, chili powder in both dark and xhot, and more; our specialty seasonings were designed specifically to increase flavor without increasing sodium. That means you get so much flavor, you don’t need to use a lot of seasoning. They are also great as marinades and that will just infuse the flavor into your food even more without needing to over-season, over-salt, etc.

I like to use the “Julia Child” influenced flavors of lemon, garlic and rosemary. My Grandmother lived by her Julia Child cookbook and she said she could never get enough of the “trifecta of goodness”! I don’t like to peel garlic so I experiment with the J.O. Garlic Powder, J.O. Granulated Garlic, & J.O. Minced Garlic. Sometimes you just want a hint of garlic so you use the powder, sometimes you want more oomph in your dish and then you would want to use the minced or the granulated. Don’t forget garlic pretty much goes with everything – you don’t need salt! You just need spice.

Spice is what makes flavors come out to play! Have fun making dinner flavorful, with or without salt. Don’t think of it as a restriction; think of salt as just another spice that can be substituted by basil, cumin, coriander, chili powder, pepper or what is your favorite?

Have fun spicing up the menus,

🙂 Pamela