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J.O.’s Let’s Go Crabin’ Pasta!

shrimpshrimp salad photo


J.O. Spice’s Let’s Go Crabin’ Pasta Salad


1 package Let’s Go Crabin’ Pasta

2 stalks of celery, diced *optional*

4 juicy tomatoes, diced, AND reserve the juice – the juicier the tomatoes, the less need for mayo!!

1 green or red pepper *optional*

2-5 green onions, diced (to your taste) *optional*

1-2 tsp. J.O. Spice #1 Seafood Seasoning (for the salad) – More for steaming.

1-2 LBS Shrimp (medium count) – Steamed using J.O. Spice #1

½ c. Mayonnaise (more depending on your taste)

Steam the shrimp using J.O. #1 Mars, Green Valley Marketplace, & Giant all steam shrimp w/J.O. (Ask!) DIY: steam until pink/opaque. Add your desired amount of spice –some people like a few tablespoons, others just a sprinkle. After cooled, peel, chop – leave a few shrimp whole for garnish/presentation.

Whatever water is left from the steamed shrimp, add to your pasta water! Cook the pasta, using a little salt (or J.O. #1) in the water until al dente/ your preference. Drain; cool slightly, about 8-10 minutes.

Put your vegetables, shrimp, tomatoes, juice from tomatoes, and pasta in a bowl. Sprinkle w/ 1 tsp. #1. Then add the mayo. Stir. Taste. How’s the consistency? How’s the spice? To your liking? You’re done, Garnish! Like your salad a little more mayonnaisy – add more by tablespoonful! Needs more J.O. #1? Add by teaspoonful!


🙂 Pamela