We Are More Than a Spice Company…

If the ocean were a crab, we’d sprinkle J.O. #2 all over!

talking crab

If the ocean were a crab, we’d sprinkle J.O. #2 all over! If the Bay were a Rockfish, we’d batter it up in the “SSSFF” and sail away!

chesapeake pursuits

If the forest were a deer, we’d rub it with a Chesapeake Pursuit of happiness!

World Famous Hot Shake

If the world was famous, we’d shake shake shake our bounty full of World Famous Hot Shake and dance the night away.

Astro Pigs

If the sunset lit up the sky like a flaming charcoal grill, we’d stick a pork butt on the fire, invigorate with some “outta this world” Astro Pig BBQ Spice and throw a party!

Oh, the things we can do with spice! J.O. #2 all over the waterways as far as the eyes can see. Wouldn’t it make for a better way of life? I bet crabs would run all season long – in plenty! How do you use J.O.?

combo pack

There are a variety of specialty blends at J.O. Have you made chicken salad with the Rotisserie Chicken spice? Or Rib and Chicken? Spicing up a chicken or pork is one of the easiest, most economical ways to create a great dinner or variety of meals for the week. Rotisserie Spice can be used in boiling, baking or roasting, even marinating! It’s quite delish on potatoes, too! Rib & Chicken is great for kabobs and so easy to use! It instantly adds the right flavor and makes dinner come together in such a flash, you’ll have time to sit and relax! Don’t forget about the Caribbean Jerk, the Barbeque Spice and the Steak Seasoning. They are all you need to spice up, add flavor or “Zing-a-fy” your meals!

Rib n Chicken

Let me know a favorite recipe idea! We love to share the ideas and spread good meals to all!

The Rotisserie Chicken Salad recipe is on our website but I’ve baked the chicken instead of boiling it…I season the breasts with the spice and then add a little water, cover with foil for about 45 minutes, check and to brown the chicken, take off the foil and continue to bake for an additional 20 minutes or until browned to my liking. The cool thing about chicken salad is that if you make the top part of the chicken slightly crispy, then that just adds more flavor to the salad! Then as I’m adding the mayonnaise, I sprinkle more spice to my taste!

What do you do? What is your favorite specialty blend? How do you sprinkle J.O. all over?

Let us know,

🙂 Pamela