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A Gumbo Jambalaya party!

When you think of Gumbo Jambalaya do you just think tomatoes, shrimp and Andouille sausage? I didn’t know the difference until I read that Gumbo is the soup/stew that is served alongside rice while Jambalaya is a casserole with the rice cooked inside. Either way you make it, do you know how you can make the best Gumbo Jambalaya party? Spice it up with a little variety!

Have you ever made Gumbo Jambalaya with J.O. Spice #1 All Purpose Seafood Seasoning? It’s a soup with shrimp so why not?

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Add a dash of J.O. Garlic Crab to your Gumbo Jambalaya party along with some J.O. Cayenne and J.O. Cajun! Tried making the sausage for your Gumbo Jambalaya with any of the J.O. Sausage seasonings we’ve got to add a different twist to your recipe? The Gumbo Jambalaya party is not complete unless you really spice things up.

Have you ever bought the J.O. Maryland Crab Soup Mix and instead of using the crab, made it with shrimp and Adouille sausage? Always make sure to have some more J.O. #1 All Purpose Seafood Seasoning on hand as you never know if you need to spice it up with your taste!

With a simple twist, gumbo or jambalaya can be a favorite go-to, easy meal to make. It’s tomato based and in the summer, fresh tomatoes are in such demand…and you can only make so much spaghetti, salsa and tomato jam! Stewing tomatoes with J.O. #1 is another twist that will add so much to your chicken cacciatore, beef stew, chili, etc!

Happy Gumbo Jambalaya partying,

🙂 Pamela