We Are More Than a Spice Company…

Got crabs?

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Got crabs? We definitely do. They might not be as ready to be spiced up as it’s only February…but they are definitely available as decorations, as apparel, as napkin holders, as coasters, and so much more. Do you know a crab collector? I am not a crab collector myself but I have quite the collection of crabby decor because I love the blue dishes with the crabs, the crab salt and pepper set, the blue crab bottle topper and of course, the blue crab tray because you never know when you might need that!

Instead of asking Got crabs? what about asking got anchors? got flip flops? got American flag koozies for that special 4th of July celebration? Because if you don’t, we do!

Have you been visiting Maryland for awhile and want a token that will bring back happy memories of your stay here in Maryland or the beach? Because we have many Maryland themed items like hats, shirts, tumblers, stickers and flags. Plus, J.O. supports many small, family-owned businesses and sells their Maryland-made items like chocolates, cookies, and nuts. Then there are quite a few small, family business items that are MADE IN USA like cookie cutters, ties, belts, flip flops, bags and more!

Got crabs? is something to be said after shopping at J.O. Spice because no matter your decor, you are sure to find a special something you just have to have! Don’t believe that you will find something you just have to have? Then stop in and we’ll prove it to you!

Got gifts?,

🙂 Pamela