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Product Highlight ~Gardening “Crab” Gloves

Orange gloves    Let’s think outside the box for a moment….yes, these Orange Crab Gloves are the best things for crabs however, they are by far, tested by me, Pamela, the best gardening gloves ever invented for rose bushes, barberry bushes and thistle, too.

Are you tired of getting pricked and donating blood to the leaves of the out of control rose bush or barberry bush in your front, side, backyard? I was! I didn’t know when I bought the rose bushes they would require a helmet, gloves and body protection!

These gloves are a lifesaver. My neighbor thinks I work for the airlines as he has never seen the likes of the orange color but I wasn’t going for style. I was going into a rose bush and hoping to make it out alive!

I cut, I trimmed and I reshaped the roses, the barberry bushes and grabbed the thistle with my orange gloves! I can say that I only got pricked by a rose bush thorn once. It was glorious and wonderful! My one criticism is that the orange gloves are made for men – aren’t there Water “Women” who like to get up at the crack of night and freeze their ta-ta’s off catching crabs, oysters, all kinds of yummy seafood from the bay- so these gloves are bigger in the hands than I am accustomed to and somewhat clunky in the thumbs. It did take me a few minutes to find my comfort zone but once I started pulling and picking up the thorny branches with no effort, NO OUCH & NO PAIN, I had no trouble getting the chore done so I could go watch football!

Ginger just gave me a tip: she said she puts her smaller garden gloves on first and that gives the orange gloves something to adhere to and this also guarantees that she doesn’t get pricked at all!

At the low price of $8.50, they are a steal. They are bright orange, 100% cotton lined PVC glove, sold in a pair. They have the ultimate grip that some customers prefer over tongs. So for the bargain shopper, you get crab gloves AND gardening gloves. It’s like J.O. is your One Stop Shop for everything you need to get the chores done so you have more time for fun!

What do you use our crabby items for “Outside the Box” – we’d love to hear your stories!

J.O. is so much more than spice,