We Are More Than a Spice Company…

Fall back in love with slow cooker spiced recipes!

rotisserie  slow cooker

Fall is back! Fall back in love with your slow cooker and the great SPICED recipes that come from slow cooking! It’s amazing what you can do with spice,  y’know?  Have you tried?  What are your most amazing recipes that you would never have done if it were not for a specific spice?

I would not have fallen back in love with chicken salad had I never tried the Rotisserie Chicken Spice Seasoning from J.O.  It really adds a great flavor to chicken and even potatoes if you love to bake up a potato! Easy experiments like adding chicken/beef broth/beer/sherry or white wine to your meat and spicing it up with Caribbean Jerk Seasoning, Cajun, Venison/Steak Seasoning, or J.O. Garlic Pepper and J.O. Chili Powder and just letting the meat slow cook for hours…it’s amazing the meals you can come up with!

On one of my many experiments, all I did was cook 5 chicken breasts inside my slow cooker, adding a 32 oz. can of chicken broth and 2 cans of beer (don’t forget, this adds gluten), sprinkled with J.O. Garlic Pepper…let that cook for 8 hours. Then I split the breasts up and made quite a few meals:

1. BBQ pulled chicken using J.O. BBQ spice and a prepared can of BBQ sauce

2. Chili using 3 cans of tomatoes with the chili’s and J.O. XHot chili powder, J.O. Cumin and white beans

3. Chicken Cacciatore  adding J.O. Chopped Onions, J.O. Italian Seasoning, J.O. Minced Garlic, with 3 cans of stewed tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and utilizing the chicken broth from the pan

4. Chicken tacos using taco seasoning, 1 can of fire roasted tomatoes and frozen corn

I took a Sunday, let the slow cooker do the work and had easy meals for the week! I freeze what we don’t eat and save it for the next week or so. EASY!

Fall back in love with slow cooking! What are you going to spice your food up with?

🙂 Pamela