We Are More Than a Spice Company…

Crafty Ideas


Look on Pinterest and you get lost in all the great crafty ideas…so just read here for a great craft idea (or check out the J.O. Pinterest page, we’ve marked great ideas for you!) We have these cool crab placemats and if you sew them onto a pillowcase, you can make it a pillow sham. Great for decorating your bed or your couch, patio or deck.

J.O. sells cinnamon sticks in 2 sizes and there are some great crafty things made out of Cinnamon Sticks – you can dip them in chocolate and use them as a stir stick in your hot cocoa, your tea or chai or your coffee. You can spray paint them and make them into a snowman with some black ribbon or licorice or chocolate icing. You can glue multiple sticks together to make a votive or tie with ribbon and fill with potpourri or greenery. You can make a centerpiece or your own potpourri with a mixture of cinnamon sticks, orange rinds and dried apples.

There are so many crafty ideas you can do with spice. What about a spice wreath? Anise stars make great ornaments and smell awesome too. You can make stars out of anise stars or snowman or any shape that you can imagine. Melt some white chocolate and put the anise star on top of a cinnamon stick to attach, add more white chocolate, make a cute snowman face out of chocolate icing and put a few in a Ziploc bag and gift them as a Snowman stick that works with your favorite hot chocolate.

Another craft idea is to use mini marshmallows with a Cinnamon stick and white or dark chocolate. You can use one marshmallow or three if you want a “jolly, happy fellow” and there’s also wreaths to make and stars…playing with your food is the best!

Just have fun creating and don’t forget to send us pictures! We love to add crafty ideas to the JO Pinterest page!

Have fun playing with food,

Pamela 🙂