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Dress your shrimp!

corn salsa and shrimp

So when people walk into the retail store, they ask about shrimp ~ “What is the best spice?” “I want something spicy for my shrimp tacos/quesadilla but I don’t know what I want?” or “I want to be able to taste my shrimp in my pasta, what should I use to dress my shrimp?” ~ We always suggest J.O. #1 All Purpose Seafood Seasoning as that is the absolute best. However, there are a few other spices that put a different twist on shrimp, and depending on the accoutrements you will dress your shrimp around (Mexican veggies, pepper/onion sauteed mixture, noodles, rice or couscous, etc), J.O. Blackened, J.O. Cajun or even J.O. 50% Less will give you that extra “bada-bing” that you want.

Dressing your shrimp in a different spice other than the traditional seafood seasoning sometimes scares people. They aren’t sure if they will like it or what else they could do with the spice. Popular restaurants are using the same spices we sell and the trick is to get it to your taste/liking and not to be afraid to experiment. J.O. Blackened can also be used on chicken, fish, eggs, tuna fish or chicken salad for a different take. J.O. Cajun is also great on pasta, rice, in cream sauces, deviled eggs and on catfish. Just like both seasonings do for shrimp, a spicy flavor enhances the specific food and brings out its distinct best!

Here’s a fine example of how dressing your shrimp using J.O. Blackened can bring out the best taste! Ginger made a Blackened steamed shrimp w/Mexican rice and veggies meal and she commented on Facebook:

“What we put in our recipe could be completely different from you and that’s the best part: make it to your taste and to your liking! We steamed shrimp in J.O.’s Blackened Seasoning. It’s DELICIOUS and spicy if you use too much so be careful while sprinkling it on. We then steamed some rice and then we made a Mexican salsa dicing up avocados, cherry tomatoes, black beans, corn, cilantro, tri-colored peppers, scallions, fresh lime juice, cucumbers, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and sea salt! DELICIOUS and healthy.”

Stepping outside your comfort zone of tried and true recipes is new and exciting. The best part about not working with a recipe is that it’s to your taste, to your liking and the more you do it, the better you become at perfecting just the right recipe…and then you write it down!

Blackened steamed shrimp is just the beginning. Why not try steaming shrimp in lemony seafood? J.O. #1 50% Less Salt? Just modifying one spice can make all the difference to your taste buds.

Try something new tonight! Y’know, it’s just dinner.

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🙂 Pamela