We Are More Than a Spice Company…

BIG Progress at the new J.O. Store!

More progress_new store floor

The J.O. Spice’s NEW STORE!!!! The paint is on the walls, the floor is almost in – it’s so very exciting.

We have so much to offer. The ideas that have been simmering for a few years are coming to a full blown “Seafood Boil!”

Not only are we working on producing new seasoning blends (BBQ anyone? How about Venison, Dips for chips, a Heart Healthy line?? Got a need or an idea – let us know!), but we are working on new products like ENGRAVED oyster knives, wedding favor possibilities, engraved wood signage AND then there are the new products like Cookie Cutters, Gift Wrap, Re-usable Tote Bags, and OBX mallets (just to name a few – check out the new online store!).

We are all about living up to our motto: MORE THAN SPICE. The changes that are happening are allowing for great growth and excellent expansion capabilities. Our small, family-owned business has been making life spicy for Watermen, Hunters, Outdoorsmen but with this expansion, we are able to look at the BIGGER picture and WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR WHAT MAY COME!

Thank you for being a BIG part and stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter, and jospice.com for all the info on our Grand Opening! As it’s November, the month to be Thankful, we extend a BIG, Thank You to ALL our great customers! What are you thankful for? Thanks for keeping life spicy…