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A great summer afternoon

beach cutting glasses flip flops basket


Henry James wrote that the two greatest words in the English language were “summer afternoon” and it got me to thinking~ what makes up a great summer afternoon? Is it languishing at a pool party with hamburgers spiced up in Venison Steak Seasoning grilling on the grill? Is it sitting by the Bay while the breeze runs its salty, sweet kiss through your hair, enjoying steamed shrimp and corn on the cob sprinkled with J.O. #1? Maybe its spending the early mornings on a boat catching a great haul and then, later in the afternoon, steaming those crabs with vinegar and J.O. #2?

Maybe a great summer afternoon means you sit on your back porch swing, read the great American novel and munch on some Blue Crab Bay Co. Sea Salt Nuts and CrunchDaddy Popcorn Chesapeake Peanut Crunch!

Does gardening make up a great summer afternoon for you? Love spending hours weeding, mulching and planting? While you are enjoying the fruits of your gardening labor, don’t forget to add the crab lights to your fence, gazebo, or tiki hut to really put you in the summer fun mood!

Brighton_Beach_17_tray__45164_zoomFresh Catch Chip and DipCrab and Rope Spreader

When you are entertaining, think of J.O. Spice for the perfect dishes and kitchen accessories to decorate a picnic or patio table. We have the melamine dishes that are dishwasher safe along with the dip chillers, cutting boards and blue crab round trivets that just add fun to the table. There’s also the Mud Pie crab and rope spreader, crab salt and pepper shakers, crab bottle opener and crab tongs that go so well with the shell server and condiment bowl! Not to mention the crudite dish, pasta bowl and really adorable crab dip set that comes with starfish tongs!

Blue Shell Crab Dip Set with TongsCrab TongsCrab Salt and Pepper Set

What is your idea of a great summer afternoon? Retail therapy in the J.O. store? If you want to personalize a gift, you can! Picture frames, cutting boards and glassware can all be engraved with a special name, nickname or dated so that the memories can make you smile and laugh every time you see it! Let us know and we’ll make your special memories even better!

Enjoy the great summer afternoons and always, always keep them spicy!

Spice is the flavor of life,

🙂 Pamela