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“J.O. Exclusive” Crab Reusable Bags


“J.O. Exclusive” Crab Reusable Bags

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Design: Steamed Crab or Blue Crab. The custom designed reusable shopping bags EXCLUSIVE to J.O. Spice. The crabs on these bags were personally caught by the J.O. family at the Wye River at Schnaitman’s Boat Rental and steamed in the steam room with J.O. #2. All crabs used for pictures were photographed, steamed alive and eaten by J.O. family and friends. No waste occurred! This project was created with another family business and Brittany and I were following it every step of the way. One bag represents four family businesses. How cool is that? The designer, the company that produced it, the family whom the crabs were caught with and J.O. Spice. It will touch a FIFTH family business as they will be available for purchase by other family businesses to resale in their family gift shops. You have the BLUE CRAB reusable shopping bag and the Steamed CRAB J.O. Shopping Bag. Pictures of the details are below! Think of how much money you spend on a paper gift bag! This bag is a gift within itself. It can be used over and over and over again. Hint! hint! Everyone that receives a Christmas gift from me will receive one gift in one of these bags. It will be tied with a cute ornament and will be a gift within a gift. I love when a gift item tells a story. It means something when a family business promotes other family businesses within their business. Almost all products ( some exclusions) sold at J.O. Spice have a story of the family behind them and I love that I know those families. Size: 16x6x12x6

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Steamed Crab, Blue Crab